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Version 1 (Made By BramGroatFilms)

  • Ten Cents as Mario (Both are the main stars)
  • Hercules as Luigi (Both are wise)
  • Sunshine as Yoshi (Both are the youngest)
  • Billy Shoepack as Toad
  • Sally Seaplane as Peach (Peach's voice suits Sally Seaplane)
  • Lillie Lightship as Daisy (Hercules has a special place in his heart for Lillie; just like Luigi has a special place in his heart for Daisy)
  • Top Hat as Wario
  • Bluenose as Waluigi
  • Captain Zero as Bowser
  • Zorran as Bowser Jr
  • Zebedee as Ludwig "Kooky" Von Koopa
  • Zak as Larry "Cheatsy" Koopa
  • Zip as Lemmy "Hip" Koopa
  • Zug as Iggy "Hop" Koopa
  • Big Mac as Donkey Kong
  • Grampus as Diddy Kong
  • Warrior as Chunky Kong
  • OJ as Cranky Kong
  • Puffa as Baby Mario
  • Johnny Cuba as Smithy

Version 2 (made by MarioandSonicfan1) (DO NOT EDIT OR DELETE)

  • Ten Cents as Mario
  • OJ as Luigi
  • Sunshine as Yoshi
  • Sally Seaplane as Peach (DON'T EDIT OR DELETE)
  • Sigrid (From TT) as Daisy
  • Grampus as Toad
  • Billy Shoepack as Wario (Billy Shoepack and Wario are both Western)
  • Top Hat as Waluigi
  • Zorran as Bowser
  • Shrimpers as Koopa Troopas
  • Johnny Cuba as King Koopa
  • Theodore (from TT) as Baby Mario
  • Foduck (from TT) as Baby Luigi
  • Digby (from TT) as Baby Yoshi
  • Isabel (from TT) as Baby Peach
  • Guysborough (from TT) as Bower Jr
  • Warrior as Donkey Kong/Oogtar (DON'T EDIT OR DELETE)
  • The Goods Engine as Diddy Kong (DON'T EDIT OR DELETE)

Version 3 (by ThomasBros) (DON'T EDIT)

  • Ten Cents = Mario
  • Hercules = Luigi
  • Sunshine = Yoshi
  • Sally Seaplane = Birdo
  • Lillie Lightship = Peach
  • SS Vienna = Daisy
  • OJ = Toad
  • Johnny Cuba = Bowser
  • Zebedee = Wario
  • Zak = Waluigi
  • Carla (from TT) = Wendy O Koopa
  • Theodore (from TT) = Baby Mario
  • Foduck (from TT) = Baby Luigi
  • Francine (from TT) = Baby Peach
  • Elenore = (from TT) Baby Daisy
  • Shrimpers = Koopa Troopas/Goombas
  • Captain Star = Toadsworth
  • Zip = Bowser Jr
  • Zug = Larry Koopa
  • Big Mac = Donkey Kong
  • Grampus = Diddy Kong
  • Snorri (from TT) = Boshi
  • Bell Bouy = Boo
  • Top Hat = Oogtar
  • Zorran as Mouser

Version 4 (made by ZackLEGOHarryPotter) (Please Do Not Edit, Add or Delete!)

  • Ten Cents as Mario
  • Sea Rogue as Luigi
  • Sunshine as Yoshi
  • Emily (from TT) as Birdo
  • Lillie Lightship as Princess Peach
  • Rebecca (from TT) as Princess Daisy
  • Lord Stinker as Toad
  • Billy Shoepack as Wario
  • Top Hat as Waluigi
  • Zorran as Bowser
  • Shrimpers as Goombas
  • OJ as Toadsworth
  • Guysborough (from TT) as Bowser Jr.
  • Big Mac as Donkey Kong
  • Theodore (from TT) as Diddy Kong
  • Warrior as Chunky Kong
  • Sigrid (from TT) as Candy Kong
  • Fire Tug as Funky Kong
  • Boomer as Lanky Kong
  • Coast Guard as Kiddy Kong
  • Captain Star as Cranky Kong
  • Sally Seaplane as Rosalina
  • Oliver (from TT) as Boshi
  • Snorri (from TT) as King Boo
  • Rebecca (from TT) as Pauline
  • ZB (from SL) as Jimmy T.
  • Zak (from SL) as Jimmy P.
  • Jack as Geno
  • Scuttlebutt Pete as Mallow
  • Nantucket as King K. Rool
  • Johnny Cuba as Smithy
  • Grampus as Oogtar
  • Stewiacke (from TT) as Detective Herlock Solmes

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