TUGS/NSPCC Children's tv favourites vol 1 is a parody with TUGS pictures and NSPCC Children's tv favourites vol 1 sounds

The cast is:

Version 1

  • Hercules as Postman pat
  • Hank from theodore tugboat as Jess
  • Billy shoepack as Trampy
  • Warrior as Paddington bear
  • Fire chief as Fireman sam
  • Big mac as James the cat
  • Sunshine as Noddy
  • Zip as Wil cwac cwac
  • Boomer as The snowman
  • Theodore from theodore tugboat as Superted in the Opening Sequence
  • Ten cents as Superted from superted and the stolen rocket
  • Zug as Spot

Version 2

  • Grampus as Postman Pat
  • Billy Shoepack as Trampy
  • Boomer as Paddington Bear
  • Fire Tug as Fireman Sam
  • Big Mac as James The Cat
  • Ten Cents as Noddy (Ten Cents and Noddy are both Small and Innocent)
  • Zip as Wil Cwac Cwac
  • Coast Guard as Superted
  • Sunshine as Spot
  • Footage: Hit entertainment
  • Audio: Tempo video and NSPCC

NSPCC Children's tv favourites vol 1 was first released on video in 1990 and It's 20 years old so it's now a vintage classic video.


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