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  • Ten Cents as Naruto
  • Lillie Lightship as Sakura
  • Hercules as Sasuke
  • Big Mac as Kakashi
  • Warrior as Iruka
  • Johnny Cuba as Orochimaru
  • Zorran as Itachi
  • Constance (from TT) as Temari
  • Elizabeth (from TTTE) as Tsundae
  • Bluenose as Jirayia
  • Little Ditcher as Sai
  • Coast Guard's Mesanger as Shikamaru
  • OJ as Minato
  • Frank and Eddie as Kiba and Shino
  • Sea Rogue as Chouji
  • Boomer as Might Guy
  • Top Hat as Neji
  • Emily (from TT) as Tenten
  • Rebecca (from TT) as Ino
  • Pugwash (from TT) as Hinata
  • Sunshine as Konohamaru

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