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  • Lillie Lightship as Pocahontas
  • Ten Cents as John Smith
  • Bluenose as Governor John Ratcliffe (Bluenose and Governor John Ratcliffe are both have Moustaches and They are both Hateable Villains)
  • Puffa as Meeko
  • Big Mac as Chief Powhatan
  • Sunshine as Thomas
  • Sally Seaplane as Grandmother Willow
  • Guysborough (from TT) as Percy
  • Boomer as Wiggins
  • Warrior as Ben
  • Izzy Gomez as Lon
  • Grampus as Flit
  • Emily (from TT) as Nakoma
  • Top Hat as Kocoum
  • OJ as Kekata
  • Captain Star as King James
  • Hercules as John Rolfe
  • Zebedee as Uttamatomakkin

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