TUGS/Ranma is a parody series featuring audio clips from Ranma 1/2 and video clips from TUGS


  • Ten Cents as Ranma (male)
  • Lillie Lightship as Ranma (female)
  • Emily (from Theodore Tugboat) as Akane
  • Sally Seaplane as Nabiki
  • Pearl as Kasumi
  • OJ as Soun Tendo
  • Northumberland (from Theodore Tugboat) as Genma (human)
  • Tex (from Theodore Tugboat) as Genma (panda)
  • Sigrid (from Theodore Tugboat) as Shampoo
  • Captain Star as the Gambling King
  • Warrior as Ryoga
  • Hercules as Tomoche
  • Boomer as Yotaro
  • Bluenose as Mousse
  • A Ghost Tug as Meow Mu-Lin
  • Carla (from Theodore Tugboat) as Ukyo
  • Sunshine as P-chan
  • SS Vienna as Mrs. Satone
  • Z-Stacks as Villains
  • Shrimpers as Amazons
  • Zug as Happosai
  • Jack the Grappler as Pantyhose Taro

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