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TUGS/The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland is a parody with TUGS clips and audio from The Adventures of Elmo In Grouchland>


  • Big Bird as Dartmouth (from TT)
  • Snuffy as Canso Colossus (from TT)
  • Elmo as Sunshine
  • Zoe as Emily (from TT)
  • The Blanket as The Red Carpet (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Dorothy as Kulu (from TT)
  • Ernie and Bert as Ten Cents and Hercules
  • Brad as Coast Guard
  • Cookie Monster as Big Mac
  • Grover as Top Hat
  • Rosita as Lillie Lightship
  • Simon Soundman as Big Mikey
  • How Now Brown as Bobby Barge (from TT)
  • The Honkers as The Shrimpers and The Logs
  • Count Von Count as Sea Rogue
  • Countress as Bonavista (from TT)
  • Athena the Owl as Puffa
  • Herry Monster as Tex (from TT)
  • Gladys the Cow as Dorothy (from TT)
  • Guy Smiley as Nantucket
  • The Two-Headed Monster as Phillip and Fillmore (from TT)
  • The Alarm Clock Bird as Burnstick (from TT)
  • Prairie Dawn as Carla (from TT)
  • Juggler as George (from TT)
  • Gordon as Captain Star
  • Little Chrissy as Stanley (SL Puffa)
  • Frank Eddie and Steamer (SL Johnny Cuba) as The Alphabeats
  • Susan as Pugwash (from TT)
  • Stinky the Stinkweed as Lord Stinker
  • Oscar as Zorran
  • Bruno as Little Ditcher
  • Grundgetta as Constance (from TT)
  • Hero Guy as Lionel (from Budgie the Little Helicopter)
  • Baby Bear as Captain (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Bob as Guysborough (from TT)
  • Sherlock Hemlock as Bluenose
  • Waston as Gremlin (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Hoots as Northumberland Submarine (from TT)
  • Kermit as The Goods Engine
  • Dinger as Old Rusty
  • Abby as Sigrid (from TT)
  • Sully and Biff as Burke and Blair
  • Huxley as Johnny Cuba
  • Bug as Sea Rogue
  • The Giant Chicken as Budgie (from Budgie the Little Helicopter)
  • the Queen of Trash as SL Captain Star
  • The Grouches as The Z-Stacks
  • The Bad Humor Man as Fire Tug
  • The Grouch Mayor as Cabot (from TT)
  • The Grouch Cop as Zebedee
  • the Grouch Jailer as Zak
  • Old Grouch Man as Sea Rogue's Uncle
  • Grizzy as Isabel (from TT)
  • Football Stenchman as Shelburne (from TT)
  • Collander Stenchman as Digby (from TT)
  • Grouch Cab Driver as Zazu (a made-up TUGS Character)
  • Donald Grump as Ziggy (a made-up TUGS Character)
  • Grouch Ice Cream Customer as Zip
  • Grouch Parrot as Zug
  • Caterpillar as The Coast Guard
  • Huxley's Helicopter as Tiger Moth (from Thomas and Friends)
  • Stuckweed as Barrington (from TT)
  • The Fireflies as The Bees (from Thomas and Friends)

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