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  • Ten Cents as Papa Bear
  • Lillie Lightship as Mama Bear
  • Top Hat as Brother Bear
  • Sally Seaplane as Sister Bear
  • Little Ditcher as Professor Actual Factual
  • Big Mickey as Big Paw
  • Hercules as Raffish Ralph
  • Captain Star as Mayor Honeypot
  • Zorran as Weasel McGreed
  • Big Mac as Fisherman
  • Sunshine as Tiny [From Little Robots]
  • Puffa as Messy [From Little Robots]
  • Grampus as Sporty [From Little Robots]
  • Boomer as Stretchy [From Little Robots]
  • Johnny Cuba as Rusty [From Little Robots]
  • OJ as Stripy [From Little Robots]
  • Warrior as Noisy [From Little Robots]
  • Cost Guard as Spotty [From Little Robots]
  • Snorri [From Theodore Tugboat] as Scary [From Little Robots]
  • Cabot [From Theodore Tugboat] as Flappy the Bat [From Little Robots]
  • Frank and Eddie as The Sparky Twins [From Little Robots]
  • Carla [From Theodore Tugboat] as Officer Marguerite
  • Fire Cheif as Grizzly Gus
  • Bluenose as Farmer Ben


  1. Supper Time Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan/The Big Mickey Problem
  2. The Last Laugh/One Good Scare Ought to Do It
  3. The Sound of Music/The Hiccalots
  4. A Friend for Teddy/Tugboat Race Day
  5. Knock Knock/Cost Guard's Clean Machine
  6. One Hundred/Boomer in a Twist
  7. OJ on the Ball/Snorri Snorri
  8. Hole in the Sky/Warrior's New Song
  9. A Bit of Give and Take/Barking Mad
  10. Sunshine Who/The Big Bounce
  11. Reach for the Sky/Cost Guard Rules
  12. Not a Drum was Heard/Cost Guard's Big Idea
  13. Seeing Double/Box of Socks
  14. By Myself/Sweet Dreams, Snorri
  15. United/Spotlight on Boomer
  16. Where's Teddy/Red Alert
  17. The Waker Upper/Too Speedy Grampus
  18. Bump in the Night/The Wind Machine
  19. The Odd Couple/Good Sport Grampus
  20. Metal makes us Special Day/Look Out Cost Guard
  21. Down Tools Sunshine/Screw-Loose Cost Guard
  22. Who Did That/Wheels are Fun
  23. Teddy's Big Day Out/Under the Stars
  24. Fly me to the Moon/Tugboats at the Bottom of the Garden
  25. The Show Must Go On/On Balance
  26. Warrior Knows Noise/Small, Shiny Metal Things
  27. Swings and Roundabouts/Amazing Snorri
  28. Repeat After Me/Sparkle Day
  29. Grampus the Hero/Boomer's Yard Guard
  30. The Bedtime Bad-Bot/Not Just Junk
  31. The Nut and Bolt Cracker Suite/The Sparkie's Big Night Out
  32. Tunnel Trouble/Beautiful and New
  33. Stargazing/Water, Water Everywhere
  34. The Scaredy-Bot Goes Boing/The Ting-A-Ling Thing
  35. Grampus Makes a Mess/The Ice Monster
  36. The Wicked Zorran Spell/Evil Lord Snooty Hercules
  37. The Great Bat Cave/The Wild Wild Honey
  38. The Spookiest Pumpkin/The Dancing Bees
  39. The Great Honey Pipeline/The Great Grizzly Comet

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