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  • Ten Cents as Ariel (Do not edit)
  • Big Mac as Aquata
  • OJ as Alana
  • Top Hat as Andrina
  • Warrior as Adella
  • Hercules as Attina
  • Sunshine as Arista
  • Captain Star as King Triton
  • SL Captain Star as Queen Athena
  • Thomas (from TTTE) as Flounder
  • Edward (from TTTE) as Swifty
  • Henry (from TTTE) as Ink Spot the octopus
  • Gordon (from TTTE) as Ray-Ray
  • James (from TTTE) as Sebastian
  • Percy (from TTTE) as Cheeks the blowfish
  • Toby (from TTTE) as Shelbow the sea turtle

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