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Version 1 (made by Jenkins92)

  • Ten Cents as Jack
  • Grampus as Zero
  • Lillie Lightship as Sally
  • Big Mac as Mayor
  • Top Hat as Mr Hyde
  • OJ as Dr Finkelstein
  • Puffa as Santa Claus
  • Zorran as Lock
  • Carla (from Theodore Tugboat) as Shock
  • Zug as Barrel
  • Sunshine as Harlequin
  • Bluenose as Vampire
  • Sea Rogue as Clown
  • The Goods Engine as Mummy
  • Coast Guuard Messanger as Child Corpse
  • Hercules as Vampire
  • Warrior as Vampire
  • Hank (from Theodore Tugboat) as Vampire
  • Oliver (from Theodore Tugboat) as Vampire
  • Sally Seaplane as Winged Demon
  • Bobby (from Theodore Tugboat) as Toy Duck
  • Pete as The Werewolf
  • Pearl as Witch
  • Emily (from Theodore Tugboat) as Witch
  • Lilly (from Theodore Tugboat) as Big Witch
  • Zak as Oggie Boogie
  • and more

Version 2 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Ten Cents as Jack
  • Sailor Moon as Sally
  • Smelter as Oggie Boogie
  • Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) as Lock
  • Honest John (from Pinocchio) as Shock
  • Jiminy Cricket (from Pinocchio) as Barrel
  • Big Mac as Santa
  • Sunshine as Mayor
  • Bluenose as Vampire Bear
  • Nantucket as Duck
  • Puffa as Zero
  • Blair and Bruke as Werewolf and Mr. Cospe
  • Frank and Eddie as Ghosts
  • Carla (from TT) as Mrs. Cospe
  • Grampus as Child Cospe
  • Warrior as Blob
  • OJ as Dr. Frankenstein
  • Lord Stinker as Vampire
  • Others Tugboats as Other Characters
  • Thomas & Friends characters as Elves
  • Pirates as Vampires
  • Boomer as Harlequin Demon
  • Zip and Zug as Witches
  • Pearl as Winged Demon
  • Sea Rogue as Devil
  • Top Hat as Clown
  • Zorran as Tree
  • Shrimpers as Skeletons
  • Izzy Gomez as Mr. Hyde
  • and more

Version 3 (made by UbiSoftFan94)

  • Ten Cents as Jack
  • Smudger (from Thomas) as Lock
  • Daisy (from Thomas) as Shock
  • S. C. Ruffey (from Thomas) as Barrel
  • Old Rusty as Dr. Frankenstein
  • Puffa as Santa
  • Sunshine as Mayor
  • Lord Stinker as Zero
  • Grampus as Mummy
  • Bluenose as Oogie Boogie
  • SL Sunshine as Sally
  • Sea Rogue as Clown
  • and more

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