TUGS/Thomas Parodies-Featuring Big Mac and Grampus is a Parody with Tugs, Theodore, Sonic, Dennis the Menace and Fairly OddParents clips and Thomas sounds.


  • Big Mac as Thomas
  • OJ as Edward (Bluenose can't be Edward, Bluenose is bad, Edward is good)
  • Hercules as Henry
  • Warrior as Gordon (Johnny Cuba can't be Gordon, Johnny Cuba is bad, Gordon is good)
  • Top Hat as James
  • Grampus as Percy
  • Old Rusty as Toby
  • Ten Cents as Duck
  • Sunshine as Oliver
  • Emily as Emily
  • The Fat Controller as Sir Topham Hatt (Fire Tug can't be Sir Tophamm Hatt, Fire Tug is a tugboat, Sir Tophamm Hatt is a human)
  • and many more

Footage: Clearwater Features, Classic Media, DIC Entertainment, DFS DORNOLD PROGRAM EXUIRE and Nickoldeon

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