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TUGS/Tom & Jerry is a parody with Tom and Jerry sounds and TUGS Clips


  • Big Mac as Tom
  • Ten Cents as Jerry
  • Emily(from Theodore) as Toodles
  • Coast Guard as Butch
  • Sunshine as Nibbles
  • Carla(from Theodore) as Mammy Two Shoes
  • Zorran as Jerry`s Cousin
  • Puffa as Spike
  • Pirate Tug as Tyke
  • Henry(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Droopy
  • Johnny Cuba as Thunder Cat
  • Billy Shoepack as Quacker
  • Lilly Lightship as Jerry`s Girlfriend
  • Sea Rouge as Devil
  • Boomer as Brown Cat
  • Isabel(from Theodore) as Devil`s Girlfriend
  • Cavey`s Mother(from Captain Caveman) as Mother Duck
  • Fire Chief as Clint
  • Miss Whoops(from The Mr Men Show) as Jeannie
  • Hercules as Male Couple
  • Sigrid(from Theodore) as Female Couple
  • Stuwieack(from Theodore) as the Lion and the MGM Lion
  • Rebbeca(from Theodore) as Goldy
  • Puffa as Topo
  • OJ As Uncle Pecos
  • Zebedee,Zak,Zug,Zip,Blair and Burke as Tom`s Cousins
  • Lord Stinker as Canery
  • Theodore(from Theodore) as WoodPecker
  • Pugwash(from Theodore) as Mother WoodPecker
  • Old Rusty as Eagle
  • Bluenose as George
  • Top Hat,Warrior and Krusty the Clown(from The Simpsons) as Muceles Cats
  • Frank as Cranky
  • Eddie as Wishes
  • The Troublesome Trucks and James (from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Kittons
  • Mighty Moe as Talking Radio
  • Edward(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Heaven Cat
  • Scuttlebutt Pete as Dancing Bear
  • George(from Theodore) as Turtle
  • Foduck(from Theodore) as Frog
  • Alfie,Alvin(from Alvin and the Chipmunks),Donald/Douglas(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends),Diesel(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends),Wallace(from Wallace and Gromit),Gromit(from Wallace and Gromit),Brian(from Family Guy),Bill/Ben(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends),Superted(from Superted),Diego(from Ice Age),Pingu,(from Pingu),(from Pingu),Neville(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) and Victoria(from the RWS) As Chicks
  • Kenny McCormick (from South Park),Budgie(from Budgie the Little Helicopter),Grampus,Yoshi(from Mario),Cranky(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends),Billy(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends),Postman Pat(from Postman Pat),Oliver(from Theodore),Fireman Sam(from Fireman Sam),Big Mickey,Tails(from Sonic),The Goods Engine and Homer(from the Simpsons) as Ducklings
  • Sea Rouge`s Uncle as Hawaii Cat
  • Little Ditcher as Jumbo
  • Vienna,Duchess and Lady(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Figure Girls
  • Barrington(from Theodore) as Unknown Cat
  • Bobby(from Theodore) as French King
  • Snorri(from Theodore) as Robin Hood
  • Dorthy(from Theodore) as Mother Elephant
  • Ghost Tugs as Heavon Cats
  • Boco(From Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as White Mouse
  • Digby(from Theodore) as Baby Seal
  • Guysborough(from Theodore) as Rhino
  • Tex(from Theodore) as Evil Cat
  • Beddeck(from Theodore) as ST Bernad
  • Norththumberland(from Theodore) as Sidney
  • Sally Seaplane as Witch
  • Another Pirate Tug as Policeman
  • Percy(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Baby
  • Haliburton,Clayton,Blankton and Others(from Theodore) as Brass Band Cats
  • Rosie(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Robyn
  • Jack(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Mr Dog
  • Peter Sam(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Mr Bug
  • Thomas and Gordon(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as 2 Mens Of Take The Dogs
  • Mr.Weenie(from Open Season) as SkateBoarding Dog
  • Richie Rich(from Richie Rich) as Robyns Father
  • Flik(From A Bug`s Life) as Captain
  • Penfold(from Danger Mouse) as Mr Parrot
  • Daisy and Spencer (from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Evil Parents
  • Pingo(from Pingu) as Evil Doctor
  • Arthur(from Arthur) as Quacker 2
  • Annie and Clarabel(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as two Indian Mouses
  • Mailbox(from A Fox/Blue Sky Studios Film Called Robots) as Hert Hammer
  • The Spiteful Brakevan(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Angry Cheese Guy
  • Bulgy(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Cowboy Police Guy
  • Jeremy(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as The Train
  • Hiro(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Crazy Cat
  • Silver(from Sonic) as Swordfish
  • Bugs Bunny(from Looney Tunes)as Octopus
  • JoJo(from Horton Hears A Who) as Turtle
  • Sir Toppham Hatt(from Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) as Red Devil
  • Benny The Bull(from Dora the Explorer) as Robo Mouse
  • Another Ghost Tug as Robo Cat

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