TUGS & The Magic Waterway-Featuring Ten Cents and Yoshi (from Mario) is a TUGS/Thomas and the Magic Railroad Parody Movie.


  • Ten Cents as Thomas
  • The Coast Guard as Henry
  • Lzzy Gomez as Gordon
  • Big Mac as James
  • Yoshi (from Mario) as Percy
  • Sunshine as Toby
  • The Coast Guard's Messenger as Bertie
  • Harold as Himself
  • Lillie Lightship as Lady
  • Zebedee as Diesel 10
  • Frank and Eddie as Splattler and Dodge
  • Thomas as Mr. Conductor
  • Molly as Stacy Jones
  • James as Billy Twofeathers
  • Edward as Junior
  • Gordon as Burnett Stone
  • Stepney as Patch
  • Lady as Lilly
  • Percy as Mutt
  • Duck as The Railroad Train Station Announcer
  • Diesel 10 as PT Boomer
  • and more


Ten Cents and his Friends have to run to the Bigg City Port while Captain Star was on his hoilday. But Zebedee and his sidekicks Frank and Eddie, is out to destroy Lillie Lightship and Thomas on Shining Time Port is losing his sparke now it's up to Ten Cents, Thomas, Gordon and Lady to defeat Zebedee before he destroys Lillie Lightship.


  • Big Mac: Wobbly Black Paint
  • Ten Cents: Puffy Steam
  • Big Mac: Ten Cents, I've Shoulden't Have Collected Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Lzzy Gomez: Big Mac is right little Ten Cents collecting a tugboat who in a inported job inported is big Big Mac is a big tugboat you Ten Cents small small small tiny winy winy and I Am A Big Lazy Tug who knows everything laughs bossly
  • Ten Cents: Brocky Sprockes All at Steam fums to your funnel
  • Frank and Eddie: Hey There They Are Will Fix the Barges Will Think It Na In Neever
  • Sunshine: What's Importind is to start our own black paint to Zebedee
  • Coast Guard: Sunshine's right Zebedee knows that the lost ship in the legend really eixted
  • Big Mac: What Ship
  • Yoshi: What Ship
  • Coast Guard: Of An Ship Who Makes More Magic Than Zebedee Will Never That's Want We Want to find her
  • Yoshi: Then We Better Find Her First
  • Big Mac: Leave it to the Big Tugs Yoshi
  • Ten Cents: Little Tugs can do big things expily thay have nice new hats like me
  • Frank and Eddie: Hey Hey Just What Happend to That Star Puffball and we'll the choper flyer comes here right
  • Harold: Wille Champs Hello
  • Frank and Eddie: Hah The Loss Don't Sneezing Pouder Everthing let's have poping now laughing evily
  • Harold: Oh Sorry Champs Better Got to Go Bye now
  • Frank and Eddie: Hey It's Too Look like that Hey mean I
  • Ten Cents: This is what Zebedee's doing sneezing
  • Thomas: You Thomas the Tank Engine well why My Wife Molly said she coulden't miss our little hoilday we'll telephone to make sure you have a ride sign sir Captain Star
  • more coming soon

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