• Ten Cents as Thomas
  • Boomer as Henry
  • Top Hat as Gordon
  • Grampus as James
  • Dorothy (from TT) as Percy
  • Old Rusty as Toby
  • Billy Shoepack as Bertie
  • Sunshine as Harold
  • Carla (from TT) as Lady
  • Captain Zero as Diesel 10
  • Zug and Zip as Splattler and Dodge
  • Thomas as Mr. Conductor
  • Emily as Stacy Jones
  • Gordon as Billy Twofeathers
  • James as Junior
  • Derek as Patch
  • Henry as Burnett Stone
  • Lady as Lilly
  • Molly as Lilly's Mom
  • Percy as Mutt
  • Duck as The Railroad Train Station Ammcomer


Ten Cents and his Friends have to run to the Bigg City Port. While Captain Star was on his holiday. But Captain Zero and his sidekicks, Zug and Zip, is out to destroy Carla and Thomas on Shining Time Port is losing his sparke. Now It's up to Ten Cents, Thomas, Henry and Lady to defeat Captain Zero before he destroys Carla.


  • Captain Zero: AH HA Tinkle Toes James
  • James: Oh No My Fleet's Back
  • Captain Zero: You Won't Be Surfing Up Here Mr. C Boomer
  • James: Ok Watch This
  • Captain Zero: Hang On Moon Doggy Laughs Evily
  • Ten Cents: Captain Zero's Hijacking
  • Lady: What's Gonna Happen to James Now
  • Thomas: Now My Engines usely get into trouble infencly
  • Ten Cents: I don't know what infencly is but it sounds really really long
  • and more

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