TUGS And the Magic Waterway-Featuring Ten Cents and Hank is a TUGS/Thomas and the Magic Railroad Parody Movie.


Ten Cents and His Friends Go Along on The Bigg City Port. While Captin Star was on His Hoilday. But Captin Zero and his sidekicks, Foduck and Oliver arrived to destroy Pearl and Thomas on Shining Time Port is losing his sparkle. Now It's Up to Thomas, Lady, Duck and Spencer to defeat Captin Zero and the other fater figure on the Candian Series Smailer to TUGS Named Foduck. Who became evil and with Captin Zero and Oliver and now they must die.


  • Ten Cents as Thomas
  • Hank as Percy
  • Top Hat as Gordon
  • Zorran as James
  • Big Mac as Henry
  • Grampus as Toby
  • Frank and Eddie as Annie and Clarabel
  • Orson as Bertie
  • The Goods Engine as Harold
  • Captin Zero as Diesel 10
  • Foduck as Splattler
  • Oliver as Dodge
  • Thomas as Mr. Counductor
  • Emily as Stacey Jones
  • Boco as Billy Twofears
  • Lady as Lily
  • Duck as Patch
  • Spencer as Burnett Stone
  • Mavis as Lily's Mom
  • Sonic as Mutt
  • The Weasel as PT Boomer
  • Pearl as Lady
  • and more


  • Ten Cents: Bother Racun
  • Zorran: You Wen't Conintrasing Ten Cents lucky for you that the pin was there
  • Ten Cents: That's What Pins are for to stop tugboats from crashing what are you doing at the dockside Zorran
  • More Coming Soon

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