TUGS And the Magic Waterway-Featuring Ten Cents and Top Hat 5 is a TUGS/Thomas and the Magic Railroad Parody Movie.


  • Ten Cents as Thomas
  • Big Mac as Henry
  • Nantucket as Gordon
  • Bluenose as James
  • Top Hat as Percy
  • Fire Tug as Toby
  • Coast Guard's Messenger as Bertie
  • Coast Guard as Harold
  • Emily (from TT) as Lady
  • Captain Zero as Diesel 10
  • Zurg as Splattler
  • Zugr as Dodge
  • Thomas as Mr. Conductor
  • Caroline as Stacy Jones
  • Bertie as Billy Twofeathers
  • Rusty as Burnett Stone
  • Bill/Ben as Junior
  • Derek as Patch
  • Mavis as Lilly
  • Duck as Mutt
  • Spencer as The Train Station Anncouncer
  • and more


Ten Cents and his Friends have to run to the Bigg City Port while Captain Star was on his holiday. But Captain Zero and his sidekicks Zurg and Zugr is out to destroy Emily and Thomas on Shining Time Port is losing his sparke Now it's up to Ten Cents, Thomas, Rusty, Bill/Ben, Derek and Mavis to defeat Captain Zero before he destroys Emily


  • Coast Guard's Messenger: Smile You Tugs It's a sunny day
  • Bluenose: It's Not Sunny cause Thomas is not at the windmill I've lost
  • Ten Cents: I think his whistle is all gone
  • Big Mac: My Engine doesn't make me sunny It feels stuffed up
  • Nantucket: Nasty Fuels from Dinchy Captain Zero
  • Big Mac: A Human is after the lost tug
  • Fire Tug: And If he finds her and I think that will destroy us all
  • Fire Tug: Yes Nantucket Even You
  • More Coming Soon


This Poster was made in 2010 by Sonicandknuxfan.

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