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TUGS Characters

Star Tug and Marine (Star Tugs) - Ten CentsBig MacO.J.Top HatWarriorHerculesSunshine
Zero Marine (Z-Stacks) - ZorranZebedeeZakZugZip
Other Tugs - Sea RogueSea Rogue's UncleBluenoseFire TugBoomerBilly ShoepackBurke and BlairThe PiratesThe White FleetSalvage Fleet
Marine Vessels
Ocean Liners - The DuchessPrincess AliceS.S. Vienna
Major Characters - GrampusIzzy GomezLillie Lightship
Barges - Lord StinkerFrank and EddiePearl • Star Line Oil Barge • Fire Barges • Light Barge
Others - Coast GuardFultan FerryJohnny CubaNantucketKrakatoaCoast Guard MessengerOld RustyShrimpers
Other Vehicles
Sally SeaplanePuffaAnthorge • Goods Engine
Big MickeyMighty MoeLittle DitcherScuttlebutt PeteJack the Grappler
Captain StarCaptain ZeroGarbage Corporation OwnerQuarry Master

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