TUGS Chistmas is a special feture episode based on the t.v. series TUGS that was released on Chistmas day.

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Comeing Soon...........................

Featured Charactors

Old Charactors

  • Ten Cents
  • Big Mac
  • OJ
  • Top Hat
  • Warrior
  • Hercules
  • Sunshine
  • Boomer
  • Zorron
  • Zebedee
  • Zak
  • Zug
  • Zip
  • Lillie Lightship
  • Grampus
  • Sally Seaplane
  • Lord Stinker
  • Izzy Gomez
  • The Duchess
  • S.S. Viena
  • Billy Shoepack
  • Bluenose
  • Puffa
  • Frank
  • Eddie
  • Captian Star
  • Captian Zero

New Charactors


Emily is the first female Star Tug to be featured in TUGS, and is the only female member of the Star Fleet. She is sometimes a "big sister" figure to the smaller tugs like Ten Cents and Sunshine.


Tornado is an Aircraft Carrier that belongs to the navy he has the words U.S.S. TORNADO on the stern. He is based on the USS Yorktown.

Mike & Chris

Mike & Chris are planes that travel with Tornado. Mike has the words 245-M painted on the side, while Chris has 245-C painted on. They are based on P-51 Mustang fighter planes.


Valcon is a reserch ship that is based at Bigg City Port, he sometimes used on salvage operations. He is based on the SS Hope.


Shellberne is a Submersible that travels with Valcon. He is able to help with salvage operations. He is based on a Biber class migeit submarine.

S.S. Oceanic

S.S. Oceanic is an ocean liner that belongs to the star fleet, it was boght by Captin Star from an unkown ocean liner compeny, the ships funnels are the same colors the Star Tugs funnels. She is based on the SS Bismarck.


Intersepter is an old sailing ship that used to work for the navy. He is a good friend with OJ. He is based on the HMS Victory.

Real Ships

Queen Mary

The RMS Queen Mary was lunched in 1934 and set sail in 1936 on her madian voyage, in 1967 the "Queen" was sold the the city of Long Beach,Calafonia and was converted into a floting hotel. A Queen Mary lookalike is seen when Sunshine is towing Valcon to be docked


The SS Normandie was lunched in 1934 and set sail in 1935 on her madian voyage, in 1942 the Normandie cought on fire at New York and sank, the hulk of the Normandie was scrapped in 1946. A lookalike of the Normandie is seen being towed out to sea by Top Hat.

Notes and Trivia

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