This page shows the TUGS Fans with their favorite couples from TUGS.

SonicandKnuckles AKA sonicandknuxfan's Pairings

  • Ten CentsxSally (The fact I have Emily as Sally Seaplane in Thomas/TUGS gave me the idea of this pairing)
  • Ten CentsxLillie (because it reminds me of the ThomasXRosie pairing)
  • SunshinexLillie

BiggestThomasFan's Pairings

Couples I Love

  • Ten Cents & Lillie Lightship
  • Sunshine & Sally Seaplane
  • Lord Stinker & Pearl

Couples I Like

  • Ten Cents & Sally Seaplane
  • Sunshine & Pearl
  • Hercules & Lillie Lightship

RiddleJ's Pairings

  • Ten CentsxLillie Lightship (just a rather cute idea to me)
  • SunshinexSally (the way Sunshine said Sally's name might be a hint)