TUGS Video and DVD ideas is a Fan-Fiction thing for making.

Sunshine (Video)


  1. Sunshine
  2. Pirate

Bonus Features

  • DVD Game: Ten Cents' Trivia Game
  • Character Gallery
  • Thomas and Friends Episode: A Better View For Gordon

Front Cover

  • Top: Ten Cents and Sunshine
  • Bottom: The Z-Stacks from "Sunshine"

Back Cover

  • Ten Cents from "Pirate"
  • Warrior talking to Izzy Gomez from "Sunshine"

Trapped and Other Adventures


  1. Trapped
  2. Ghosts
  3. High Winds

Bonus Features

  • Thomas and Friends Episode: Gordon and Spencer
  • DVD Game: Paint the Tugs
  • Character Gallery

Front Cover

  • Top: Top Hat
  • Bottom: Zebedee and Johnny Cuba from "High Winds"

Back Cover

  • Zug towing the tramper from "Trapped"
  • Big Mac from "Ghosts"==

Munitions (Video)


  1. Munitions
  2. 4th of July

Bonus Features

  • DVD Game: Sunshine's Trivia Game
  • Character Gallery
  • Thomas and Friends Episode: Gordon and the Gremlin

Front Cover

  • Top: Bluenose
  • Bottom: Jack the Grappler from 4th of July

Back Cover

  • The Fire Tug through the water in the fire from 'Munitions'.
  • Top Hat, Big Mac and Warrior from '4th of July'.

Jinxed and Other Adventures


  1. Jinxed
  2. Quaratine
  3. Up River

Bonus Features

  • Thomas and Friends Episode: Gordon Takes a Tumble
  • Character Gallery
  • DVD Game: Building the Bridge

Front Cover

  • Top: Boomer
  • Bottom: Sunshine and Big Mac at the Logs from 'Up River'

Back Cover

  • Sunshine and Nantucket from 'Quaratine'
  • Ten Cents and Puffa from 'Up River'

High Tide and Other Adventures


  1. High Tide
  2. Warrior
  3. Bigg Freeze

Bonus Features

  • DVD Game: OJ's Trivia Game
  • Character Gallery
  • Thomas and Friends Episode: Gordon Takes Charge

Front Cover

  • Top: OJ
  • Bottom: Zug and Zip from 'Warrior'

Back Cover

  • Lord Stinker, Top Hat and The Goods Engine from 'High Tide'
  • Lillie Lightship and Ten Cents from 'Bigg Freeze'

TUGS: The Complete Series DVD (Made By Mason Hemphill - DO NOT DELETE!)

Disc One


  1. Sunshine
  2. Pirate
  3. Trapped
  4. Jinxed
  5. Quarantine
  6. Ghosts
  7. High Winds

Disc Two


  1. Up River
  2. High Tide
  3. Munitions
  4. Warrior
  5. Regatta
  6. Big Freeze

Special Features

  • Audio commentaries by all the surviving cast and crew members of the show, such as Simon Nash and Lee Crones and producer Robert D Cardona, plus the Japanese and Finnish dubs of all 13 episodes and the error at the beginning of the Japanese version of Pirate has been fixed.
  • Remembering David Mitton - A documentary dedicated to the late director of Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends and TUGS, who died in 2008.
  • Restored Clips - Clips from the series that were restored, using footage from the American series Salty's Lighthouse.
  • Deleted Scenes - Scenes from TUGS episodes that were cut for time and could only be found in the TV Versions and also Salty's Lighthouse, the American series that included TUGS, plus Big Mickey's death scene which was removed from the DVD version of Munitions, has included as a deleted scene.
  • The TV Versions of Sunshine, Pirate, Munitions and Regatta are included.
  • Big City Port Baddies - A documentary about the bad guys from TUGS, such as the Z Stacks, the Australian tramper Johnny Cuba and the bossy Naval tug Bluenose.
  • Behind The Scenes of TUGS.
  • This Is TUGS! - The story of the show featuring contributions from the cast and crew. This documentary is dedicated to the memories of the late Patrick Allen who voiced Captain Star and the late Timothy Bateson who voiced OJ.
  • Games and Activites.

Things To Notice:

  • The TV Versions of Sunshine, Pirate and Regatta are used on the first disc. The director's cut of Munitions is used on the second disc, but has the TV intro.
  • The Director's Cut Versions of Sunshine, Pirate and Regatta are included as special features on the DVD, plus extended versions have made, combining both versions of the four episodes together. 
  • Munitions comes after High Tide in the episode listing, as in that episode, Captain Star thanked Big Mac for winning the Star Fleet the steel contract.
  • On the second disc, there is an edited 15 minute version of the director's cut of Munitions that has had several changes made. The briefing scene has been shortened and Zorran's line "Eat your heart out, Star Stacks!" has been swapped with "Eat your heart out, Star Tugs!" Also, the close up of the face of Bluenose has been removed, showing a different close up of him instead.
  • Also, the danger music in the explosion scenes resumes after OJ informs Ten Cents to put Bluenose out of the way. Big Mickey's death scene from the VHS version of Munitions has been replaced with the scene from the TV Version where he survives after falling into shallow water. This is because the viewers hated the fact that Big Mickey died in the VHS Version and so it was replaced with his survival scene. 
  • Scenes in Sunshine, Pirate, Trapped, Jinxed, High Tide and Regatta have fixed.


  • The scene of Zorran saying: "We're not smiling, Captain Zero!" has been replaced with the scene of him looking cross when he says "Towing barges, dummy!" to Zip.
  • The scene of Ten Cents saying: "Sunshine, meet Sally. She's a sea plane," has been replaced with the scene of him saying: "Here, I'm looking for a switcher called Sunshine. You ain't seen him?" This is because Ten Cents looked shock in the original scene.
  • The close up scene of the Zero dock board has been replaced with the daytime scene and not the night scene.

These changes have been made in both versions of the episode.


The scenes of Ten Cents and Sunshine have been swapped around after the Z Stacks tease him.


The scene of Sunshine when he sees the dynamite has been replaced.


The close up of Boomer when he explains the tree falling into the water has been replaced.

High Tide

  • The close up of Warrior when Zebedee says "We count you on our side," has been replaced.


  • The scene of Grampus looking happy when he tells Ten Cents and Big Mac he will be blown up has been replaced with the scene of him looking sad.

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