TUGS:the movie is based upon the T.V. series by Clearwater features the producers of Thomas the tank engine.In the movie an evil diesel tug named Smelter and his sidekick's Cris & Brad arive at Bigg city port in serch of the magical lost steam tug Galitia.Smelter's evil plan is to find Galitia and detroy her Ten cents and Sunshine do not like the plan and want to stop Smelter to do it.In the real wold 15-year-old Sarh go's to Florida to see her gradad but she come's to the wong plase were she meet's Eddie who take's her to Bigg city were they meet Mr.harbermaster Eddie's uncle and all of them help Ten cents and Sunshine to find Galitia and save Bigg city port.


In the movie there are alot of charictor's with new one's and old one's.

  • Ten cents
  • Big Mac
  • O.J.
  • Top hat
  • Warrior
  • Hercules
  • Sunshine
  • Zorran
  • Zebedee
  • Zak
  • Zug
  • Zip
  • Grampus
  • Lillie
  • Izzy Gomez
  • Mighty Moe
  • Lord Stinker
  • Frank & Eddy
  • Billy Shoepack
  • Bluenose
  • Fire tug
  • Coast guard
  • Jack the grapeler
  • the good's engine(minor role)
  • Burke & Blair(stock footage cameo)
  • Big Micky(cameo)
  • S.S.Vienna(cameo)
  • Little Dicher(cameo)
  • Nantuket(cameo)
  • Johnny Cuba

Major charictor's

here are the character's which are seen more often in the movie

Ten cents

Like the T.V. series Ten cents is the main character in the movie.Thoughout the film Ten cents is trying to stop Smelter's evil plan and save Bigg city port.


In the movie Sunshine is helping Ten cents to stop Smelter and his sideckick's to destroy Galitia and save Bigg city port.


Galitia is a magical golden steam tug that link's the tugboat world to the real world.She had a crash when Smelter failed to destroy her. For many year's Galitia had been with willbert edwards in his shipyard workshop unable to work.When Sarah came with Eddie and some Bigg city coal, Galitia's engine soon worked and she went to Bigg city port.


Smelter is a scary diesel tug whith the giant claw mounted in front of his fake smokestack(it's fake becuse he run's on a diesel engine) and he has a body similar to Zorran.He returned to find Galitia(the magical tug) and detroy her. In the end the iron canal brige collapsed and he fell into a goods train well wagon.

Cris & Brad

Cris & Brad are Smelter's idiotic sidekick's that have body's similar to Burke & Blair.They were re-used as Mike & Joe for season 2 of TUGS.

human character's

here are the human character's in the movie.

Mr. harbermaster

Mr. harbermaster came to Bigg city port when captin starr was on holiday he helped Ten cents and Sunshine to stop Smelter's plan.

Sarah Edwards

Sarah is a 15-year-old who is a big fan of busted she came to Bigg city port with Eddie were she met the star fleet and Z-stack's and stop smelter.

Eddie Robins

Eddie is Mr. harbermaster's nephaw from astralia he's close frenid's with Sarah,the star fleet and Z-stack's,he help's his uncle stop smelter's evil plan.

Willbert Edward's

Willbert Edwards is Sarah's gradad who live's in Florida,for many years he's been keeping the golden tug(Galitia) in his workshop at the shipyard until the coal from Bigg city port came and was able to make Galitia work agan.


Edward Glen as Ten cents. Peter Cullin as Big Mac. Ted Robins as O.J. Long Jhon Baldry as Top hat/Bluenose/Zug. Rob Paulsen as Warrior/Zip. Nigel Anthony as Hercules/Fire tug/Frank. Kevin Frank as Sunshine/Zak/Billy Shoepack. Chris Tulloch as Zorran. Neil Crone as Zebedee. Mike Mulloy as Izzy Gomez. Jhon Rhys-Davies as Smelter. Kath Soucie as Galitia/Lillie Lightship. Sean Barrett as Cris/Mighty Moe/Jack. Mr. Lawrence as Brad. Timothy Bateson as Lord Stinker/Eddy. Lee Cornes as Grampus/Coast Guard. Alec Baldwin as Mr. Harbermaster. Peter Fonda as Willbert Edwards. Claire Holt as Sarah Edwards. Angus Mclaren as Eddie Robins.

episode parody's

Some seen's in the film are based on previus TUGS episode's.

  • Hercules beeing lifeted out of the water by Mighty Moe arfter he sank in shalow water resebele's the episode "jinxed" in the seen of Boomer beeing salveiged.
  • When Cris' engine sound's bad,it resebele's the episode "high tide" when Zak blow's his engine.
  • The sene when Cris & Brad are chaseing Zip & Zug resebele's the episode "pirate" when the green-eyed-tug's are chaseing Zip & Zug out of the warehouse.
  • When Smelter used a tramp-stemer to trap the steam tug's to blow them up,it resebele's the episode's "trapped" and "regatta" with Zorran,Zug and the tramper(trapped) and the navy going to blow up Grampus(regatta).
  • Smelter running Izzy Gomez on the munition's dock resebele's the episode "Warrior",when Izzy run agruond on the rock's.
  • Stock footage from the T.V. series is used in the movie.

gest star's

Charictor's from outher movie's and programme's gest star in the film.

  • Thomas the tank engine (Thomas the tank engine & friends),cameo role only,but Thomas is seen in moost seen's in the movie eather a toy in Sarah's room or a prop on the TUGS set.He's also one of the shunter's at the railway dock.
  • Percy (Thomas the tank engine & friends),Percy had a cameo at the old desused warehouse ware Smelter,Cris & Brad were hideing,Percy is seen when O.J. comes up to the warehouse and make's Smelter knock it down.
  • Annie & Clarabel (Thomas the tank engine & friends),cameo role only,they are seen on Frank & Eddy.
  • Oliver (Thomas the tank engine & friend's),cameo role only,his scrap model from "escape!" is seen at the braker's yard.
  • Herbie (The Love Bug),Herbie is seen as one of Sarah's toy's and a prop on the TUGS set.Willbert's VW 'Betele' is simerler to Herbie and has the same number plate(OFP857).
  • Theodore Tugboat (Theodore Tugboat),Theodore had a cameo role in the movie,seen when Smelter trapped the steam tug's,he's also Sarah's bath toy seen in her room.
  • Lighting McQueen (car's),seen as one of Sarah's toy's.
  • Tow-Mater (car's),seen as one of Sarah's toy's.
  • Doc Hudson (car's),seen as one of Sarah's toy's,he also had a cameo in the song "Never,Never,Never,Give up".
  • Babs & Buster bunny (Tiny Toons) seen as two of Sarah's toy's.
  • Plucy Duck (Tiny Toons) seen as one of Sarah's toy's.
  • Furbull (Tiny Toons) seen on T.V. also one of Sarah's toy's.
  • Fifi La Fume (Tiny Toons) seen on T.V. also one of Sarah's toy's.


there are very good song's in the movie.

  • "Never,Never,Never Give up".
  • "That's What Freind's are for".
  • "Acsedent's happen".
  • "Surpise's".
  • "Boo Boo Choo Choo".
  • "When you find yourself".
  • "It's magic".
  • "My hart will go on".
  • "Fun,Fun,Fun".
  • "Keep on loveing you".


  • The tramper Smelter used to trap the steam tug's is Old Rusty with out his face,hat and nameplate.
  • The pilot for the film was from Thomas and the Magic Railroad.
  • Second time a tramper is blown-up.
  • Computer animation is used for the water on the colapsing brige.
  • The only aperance of Cris & Brad(they ware re-used as Mike & Joe).
  • All the charictor's had new model's made(Ten cents,Sunshine,Big Mac and Top hat did not have new model's).
  • Boomer,Sea rouge,Sea ruoge's uncle,the white fleet,the green eyed thing's,Sally seaplane,Captin Zero,Captin Starr,Scufellebut Pete,The Duchess,Princess Alice,Pearl,Kracka-toa,and Puffa are absent in the movie but Captin Starr,Captin Zero and Sally Seaplane are mentioned.
  • The programme Sarah is waching on T.V. is the Tiny Toon's episode Aroma Amore.
  • Goof:there's no steam coming out of Zak's smokestack at the Zero dock.
  • Goof:a cable is seen pulling the tramper away from the old dock after the explostion.
  • Unlike the T.V. series,the movie take's plase in the year 1956.
  • The R.M.S. "Titanic" is seen at the end of the film,the model was used in the movie Titanic.
  • When vioceing Big Mac, Peter Cullin uses the vioce he used when vioceing Ironhide in The Transformers.

other relitived show's

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