Version 1

  • Simba [from The Lion King] as Alvin
  • Nala [from The Lion King] as Brittany
  • Bambi [from Bambi] as Simon
  • Faline [from Bambi] as Jeanette
  • Scamp [from Lady and the Tramp] as Theodore
  • Angel [from Lady and the Tramp] as Eleanor

​Version 2

  • Frog Naveen [from The Princess and the Frog] as Alvin
  • Frog Tiana [from The Princess and the Frog] as Brittany
  • SpongeBob [from SpongeBob SquarePants] as Simon
  • Sandy [from SpongeBob SquarePants] as Jeanette
  • Oliver [from Oliver and Company] as Theodore
  • Marie [from The Aristocats] as Eleanor

Version 3

  • Butch [from The PowerPuff Girls] as Alvin
  • Buttercup [from The PowerPuff Girls] as Brittany
  • Brick [from The PowerPuff Girls] as Simon
  • Blossom [from The PowerPuff Girls] as Jeanette
  • Boomer [from The PowerPuff Girls] as Theodore
  • Bubbles [from The PowerPuff Girls] as Eleanor

Version 4

  • Donald Duck [from Mickey Mouse] as Alvin
  • Sunset Shimmer [from Equestria Girls] as Brittany
  • Jose Carioca [from Mickey Mouse] as Simon
  • Fluttershy [from Equestria Girls] as Jeanette
  • Panchito Pistoles [from Mickey Mouse] as Theodore
  • Applejack [from Equestria Girls] as Eleanor

Version 5

  • Wreck-it Ralph [from Wreck-it Ralph] as Alvin
  • Merida [from Brave] as Brittany
  • Kristoff [from Frozen] as Simon
  • Anna [from Frozen] as Jeanette
  • Flynn Rider [from Tangled] as Theodore
  • Rapunzel [from Tangled] as Eleanor

Version 6

  • Human Naveen [from The Princess and the Frog] as Alvin
  • Human Tiana [from The Princess and the Frog] as Brittany
  • Eric [from The Little Mermaid] as Simon
  • Ariel [from The Little Mermaid] as Jeanette
  • Prince Charming [from Cinderella] as Theodore
  • Cinderella [from Cinderella] as Eleanor

Version 7

  • Danny [from Cats Don't Dance] as Alvin
  • Minnie Mouse [from Mickey Mouse] as Brittany
  • Peter Pan [from Peter Pan] as Simon
  • Wendy [from Peter Pan] as Jeanette
  • Gideon [from Pinocchio] as Theodore
  • Alice [from Alice in Wonderland] as Eleanor

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