Chitty Chitty Greased Lightning cast:

Seymour Sassafras (Here Comes Peter Cottontail) as Caractacus Potts

Vanellope Von Schweetz(Wreck it Ralph) as Truly Scrumptious

Fletcher Quimby (A.N.T FARM) as Jeremy

Emma Ross (JESSIE) as Jemima

Wilbur the Pig(Charlotte's Web 2)(2003) as Grandpa Potts

Shadow Man(The Princess and the Frog) as Baron Bomburst

Deloris Van Cartier (Sister Act) as Baroness Bomburst

Porky Pig(Looney Tunes) as The Toymaker

Snow Miser(The Year Without a Santa Claus)(1974) as Lord Scrumptious

Captain Hook (Peter Pan) as Child Catcher

Mr.Toad(The Wind In the Willows)(1949)(Disney) as Mr. Coggins

Tod(The Fox and The Hound)) as Spy 1

Oliver(Oliver and Company)(1988) as Spy 2

George Little(Stuart Little) as Captian of Bomburst's Army

Ratigan(The Great Mouse Detective) as Customer Junkman

Sir Ector(The Sword in The Stone)(1963) as Cyril

Sally (The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That) as Blonde-haired woman at the fair

Pongo (101 Dalmatians) (1961) as Edison

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