• Mario (from Mario) as Wilson
  • Lisa (from The Simpsons) as Koko
  • Piglet (from Winnie the Pooh) as Brewster
  • Principal Victoria (from South Park) as Vee
  • Hank (from King of the Hill) as Dunbar
  • Donkey Kong (from Mario) as Harrison
  • Wallace (from Wallace and Gromit) as Chatsworth
  • Rabbit (from Winnie the Pooh) as Emery
  • Mr. Garrison (from South Park) as Eddie
  • Princess Peach (from Mario) as Zephie
  • Toadsworth (from Mario) as Old Puffer Pete
  • Fry (from Futurama) as Mtambo
  • Ariel (from The Little Mermaid) as Olwin
  • Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) as Calley
  • John Darling (from Peter Pan) as Irving
  • Grandpa Abe (from The Simpsons) as Frostini
  • The Pink Panther (from The Pink Panther) as Action Chugger
  • Baloo (from The Jungle Book) as Speedy
  • Ren & Stimpy (from Ren & Stimpy) as Hoot & Toot
  • Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan) as Piper
  • Paddington Bear (from Paddington Bea) as Skylar
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Hodge
  • Bluster Kong (from Donkey Kong Country) as Hanzo
  • Mighty Moe (from TUGS) as Jackman
  • Pooh (from Winnie the Pooh) as Zack
  • Luigi (from Mario) as Fletch
  • Toadette (from Mario) as Tyne
  • and more

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