Version 1 (By Mimitchi33) (Do not remove, edit or delete any characters!)

  • Orson (from U.S. Acres/Garfield and Friends) as Rooney
  • Mana Aida (from DokiDoki! Pretty Cure) as DeeDee
  • Wade Duck (from U.S. Acres/Garfield and Friends) as Moe
  • Joe Okota (from DokiDoki! Pretty Cure) as Bus Driver Bob
  • Makoto Kenzaki (from DokiDoki! Pretty Cure) as Jazzmin
  • Pepper Ann (from Pepper Ann) as Mazz
  • Penelope (from Garfield and Friends) as Jumpin' Judy
  • Floyd (from Garfield and Friends) as Audio Murphy
  • Nermal (from Garfield and Friends) as Mudge
  • Sheldon (from U.S. Acres/Garfield and Friends) as Mr. Moosehead
  • Baby Kermit (from Muppet Babies) as Mail Snail
  • Sharuru (from DokiDoki! Pretty Cure) as DeeDee's dog
  • Gordy Rhinehart (from Angela Anaconda) as Zach (both artistic and brown haired)
  • Angela Anaconda (from Angela Anaconda) as Tanya
  • Tommy (from Tickety Toc) as Jamie
  • Francine (from Arthur) as Sophie (both love sport

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