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  • Miss Daredevil (from Mr. Men Show) as Nora McPhee
  • Antoine (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Max Dugan
  • Manic (from Sonic Underground) as Brain Costello
  • Winnie the Pooh (from Winnie the Pooh) as Michael McPhee
  • Daisy (from Thomas and Friends) as Mrs. Litke
  • Toad (from Super Mario) as Coach
  • George (from Theodore Tugboat) as Bill
  • Bo (from Garfield/US Acres) as Luis
  • Homer (from The Simpsons) as Charley Lau
  • Pearl (from TUGS) as Pat
  • Rocket (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Kevin Costello
  • Granny (from Hoodwinked) as Older Woman
  • Birdo (from Mario) as Blonde in Shoe Store
  • Uncle Chuck (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Man in Shoe Store
  • Gru (from Despicable Me) as Teacher
  • Carla (from Theodore Tugboat) as Teacher
  • Bowser (from Mario) as Shoe Store Cop
  • Mr. Krabs (from Spongebob Squarepants) as Grocer
  • Lola Bunny (from Looney Tunes) as Grocer's Wife
  • Spongebob (from Spongebob SquarePants) as Steve
  • Noddy (from Noddy's Toyland Adventures) as Robber
  • Budgie (from Budgie the Little Helicopter) as Chris
  • Mavis (from Thomas and Friends) as Celia
  • Mother Nature (from Superted) as Maria
  • DW (from Arthur) as Wendall
  • Numbuh 1 (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Truck Washer
  • Mega Man (from Mega Man) as Umpire
  • Damian (from makemebad35) as 3rd Baseman
  • Peter (from Family Guy) as ????????????????
  • Ash (from Pokemon) as A Boy (one of two who caught baseball)
  • Postman Pat (from Postman Pat) as Baseball Player
  • Mr. Plod (from Noddy's Toyland Adventures) as Maitre d'Hotel
  • Penfold (from Danger Mouse) as Waiter
  • Ferdinand (from Thomas and Friends) as Bears' Coach
  • Numbuh 2 (from Codename: Kids Next Door) as Basketball Coach
  • Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh) as Shoe Store Cop
  • Pingu (from Pingu) as Shoe Store Manager
  • The Pink Panther (from The Pink Panther) as Cop in Car
  • Angry German Kid (from Angry German Kid) as Cab Driver
  • Amy (from Futurama) as Mother
  • Wario and Waluigi (from Mario) as Policemen
  • Omega (from Sonic the Hedgehog), German Kid's Mother (from Angry German Kid), Eric Cartman (from South Park), Angry German Kid's Friend (from Angry German Kid) and Tails (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Somebody others name is...

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