Sid Phillips: Come on!

Jumba: This is crazy, he's going to kill us!

Rex (Babe): Careful, that could be containmated.

Jumba: We got to get outta here NOW! We start a whole new somewhere to far away! Good idea! Good-bye, Sid Phillips and Jumba! Good-bye, Percival C. McLeach!

Sid Phillips: No, Jumba, wait!

Jumba: Hey, what are you doing?!

Sid Phillips: Follow me, I have an idea.

Jumba: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

McLeach: No, no, no, no, no. What was that? You try to scare the alien, 'cause not lull it to sleep.

Triton: I were going to a snake-slash-ninja approach with a little hissing. (hisses)

McLeach: How many times, do way have to tell you? It's all about presence, about how to enter the room!

Sid Phillips: McLeach!

McLeach: Sid, perfect timing.

Reuben: No, no, no, sir, you don't understand.

McLeach: Aw, now show these phillips how it's done.

Reuben: What? No, no, no, I can't...

Sid Phillips: Sir, sir, you have to listen to us.

McLeach: Pay attention, everyone. You about to see the best in the business. Reset the simluator.

Sid Phillips: But-but, sir!

Then, it reseted.

Grand Councilwoman: Good night, sweetheart.

Stitch: Night, Maa.

Jenny: Kitty!

Jumba: No, Jenny, no, no!

She going over to the Stitch's room, next to Stitch's enemy was blue alien to sleep.

McLeach: Now, give us a big, loud roar.

Sid Phillips: McLeach, there's no time for this.

McLeach: Well, what are you waiting for? Roar!

Sid Phillips: But-but-but, sir!

McLeach: Roar, darn it! (shakes Reuben) Roar like also have if you going out to!

Sid sighed it's surrender, there will be no choice. Sid turns to Stitch, then roars. Stitch will get up and screams in terror, Jenny frightened. If you touch the Stitch's enemy will ends up crying with Jenny as well and crashing the hole. They altogether like scream in the progress. When Sid is done roaring, Jenny runs away. Jenny was heard crying, to Stitch wakes up to getting accident, they love each other.

McLeach: That is... well done... nice work, Sid.

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