Hiro from Thomas and Friends as Yaemon

Arthur from Arthur as Tadashi

Muttley from Wacky Races as King

Droopy from Tom and Jerry as Dad Mouse

Kanga from Winnie the Pooh as Mom Mouse

Pingu from Pingu as Tantan

Blossom from Powerpuff Girls as Rinrin

Cartman Stan Kyle Kenny and Timmy from South park as Young Mouses

Stewie from Family Guy as Gonta

Randoll from Monster`s Inc as Haihai

Budgie from Budgie the Little Helicopter as Mach

Angel from Lady and the Tramp as Hanauta

Garfield from Garfield and Friends as Dora

Ed from Ed Edd`n`Eddy as Entotsu

Edd from Ed Edd`n`Eddy as Kid

Eddy from Ed Edd`n`Eddy as Janbo

Bluenose from TUGS as Kumoske

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