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Mr. Silly [from Mr. Men] as Timmy

Sandy [from Spongebob Squarepants] as Timmy's Mom

Spongebob [from Spongebob Squarepants] as Timmy's Dad

Henry [from Thomas and Friends] as Cosmo

Peach [from Mario] as Wanda

Jessie [from Pokemon] as Vicky

Micky [from Mickey Mouse] as Aj

Ralphie [from the Magic School Bus] as Chester

Beast [from Beauty & The Beast] as Francis

Maurecia [from Wayside] as Trixie

Prairie Dawn [from Sesame Street] As Veronica

Leona [from Between The Lions] as Tootie

Barney [from Barney & Friends] as Elmer

Mowgli [from The Jungle Book] as Sanjay

Buzz Lightyear [from Toy Story] as Tad

Mufasa [from The Lion King] as Chad

Thin Buckle [from Gumby] as Chip

Lucky Claybert [from Gumby] as Chet

Mr. Ratburn [from Arthur] as Mr Crocker

Rabbit [from Winnie the Pooh] as Jorgen Von Strangle

Widow Tweed [from The Fox & The Hound] as Genderal Waxeplex

Littlefoot [from The Land Before Time] as Mark

Cruella [from 101 Dalmations] as Mandie

Horace [from 101 Dalmations] as Remy

Chip [from The Little Engine That Could] as Binky

Hilda [from Richard Scarry] as Blonda

Stan [from Winnie the Pooh] as Juandassimmo

Abby Cadaby [from Sesame Street] as the Tooth Fairy

Binky the Clown [from Garfield] as Crimson Chin

Big Bird [from Sesme Street] as Bucky

Dumbo [from Dumbo] as Poof

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