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  • James Norrington From (Pirates Of The Carribbean) as Mufasa
  • Weatherby Swan From (Pirates Of The Carribbean as Rafiki
  • Gabrielle From (Spyro The Dragon) as Sarafina
  • Zoe From (Spyro The Dragon) as Sarabi
  • Max From (Pokemon) as Young Simba
  • Penny From (The Rescuers) as Young Nala
  • Pedro From (Rio) as Zazu
  • Captain Hook From (Peter Pan) as Scar
  • Mullins Turk Starkey From (Peter Pan) as Ed Shenzi Banzai
  • Peter Pan From (Peter Pan) as Adult Simba
  • Tinker Bell From (Tinker Bell) as Adult Nala
  • Clank and Bobble From (Tinker Bell) as Timon and Pumbaa


  • 1 The Circle Of Life
  • 2 Captain Hook and James Norrington's Conversation
  • 3 Max's First Day
  • 4 The Morning Report
  • 5 Captain Hook and Max's Conversation
  • 6 I Just Can't Wait To Be King
  • 7 The Elephant Graveyard
  • 8 Kings Of The Past/Be Prepared
  • 9 The Stampede/James Norrington's Death/Max Run Away
  • 10 Captain Hook Takes Over Pride Rock
  • 11 Meet Clank and Bobble
  • 12 Put Your Past Behind You/Hakuna Matata
  • 13 Captain Hook and Pedro's Conversation
  • 14 Relax In The Stars/He's Alive
  • 15 Tinker Bell Chased Bobble/The Reunion
  • 16 Can You Feel The Love Tonight
  • 17 Peter Pan and Tinker Bell's Argument/Weatherby Swan's Wisdom/Peter Pan's Destiny
  • 18 Peter Pan's Return Clank and Bobble's Distraction
  • 19 Peter Pan Confronts Captain Hook
  • 20 Peter Pan Finds Out The Truth
  • 21 They Call Me Mr Fairy
  • 22 Peter Pan Vs Captain Hook
  • 23 Captain Hook's Death
  • 24 A Happy Ending In The Pride Lands
  • 25 End Credits

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