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  • Matt Ishida From (Digimon) as Prince Eric
  • Sora From (Digimon) as Ariel
  • Boo Boo Bear From (Yogi Bear) as Harold The Sea Horse
  • Gorna From (Final Fantasy 9) as Addella
  • Mimi From (Digimon) as Alana
  • Aerith From (Final Fantasy 7) as Adrina
  • Eilonwy From (The Black Cauldron) as Aquata
  • Sakura Haruno From (Naruto) as Arista
  • Rapunzel From (Tangled) as Attina
  • Manny From (A Bug's Life) as Grimsby
  • Princess Fiona From (Shrek) as Carlotta
  • Copper (From The Fox In The Hound) as Max
  • King Theoden From (The Lord Of The Rings) as King Triton
  • Tigger From (Winnie The Pooh) as Sebastian
  • Piglet From (Winnie The Pooh) as Flounder
  • Bobble From (Tinker Bell) as Chef Louis
  • Pedro From (Rio) as Scuttle
  • Hannah Abbot and Ginny Weasley From (Harry Potter) as Washer Women
  • Mrs Tweedy From (Chicken Run) as Urusla
  • Crabbe and Goyle From (Harry Potter) as Flotsam and Jetsam
  • Eowyn From (The Lord Of The Rings) as Vanessa
  • Sailors In Fathoms Below Hogwarts Students and Animals Maurice and King Julien in Madagsacar
  • and Chicken Run
  • Sailors During The Storm Hogwarts Students and Grasshoppers The Ringmaster (Dumbo)


  • 1 Fathoms Below/Main Titles
  • 2 Tramp's Concert/Daughters Of King Theoden
  • 3 Sora at The Sunken Ship
  • 4 Sora Meets Pedro
  • 5 Mrs Tweedy Watches Sora
  • 6 Part Of Your World
  • 7 To The Surface
  • 8 Storm At The Sea
  • 9 Matt Ishida is Saved Part Of Your World Reprise
  • 10 Under The Sea
  • 11 Sora's Hidden Treasure
  • 12 Mrs Tweedy's Lair Poor Unfortunate Souls
  • 13 In Matt's Kingdom
  • 14 Dinner In The Castle Les Poissons
  • 15 A Tour Of A Kingdom
  • 16 Kiss The Girl
  • 17 Mrs Tweedy Takes Charge
  • 18 The Wedding Ship
  • 19 The Sun Sets
  • 20 Mrs Tweedy's Wrath
  • 21 A Happy Ending
  • 22 End Credits

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