TV/The Muppet Movie is a parody with TV clips and audio from the Muppet Movie


Percy from [Thomas and Friends] as Kermit

Mr. Nosey from [Mr Men] as Grozzie Bear

Grover from [Sesame Street] as Frozzie

and more

Rainbow Connection Finale (NEEDS EDITING)

Bart Simpson, Belle, Bill, Bowser, Buneary, Captain Hook, Captain Zero, Duncan, Fox, Frank and Eddie, Furrball, Garfield, Goofy, Grampus, Grover, Homer Simpson, Jerry, Kirby, Li'l Sneezer, Little John, Luigi, Mario, Mr. Nosey, Mr. Tickle, Mushu, Percy, Pikachu, Pingi, Pingu, Pluto, Rabbit, Rolf, Scar, Scrappy-Doo, Scratte, Skunk, Sonic, Tigger, Toby, Tower, Wario, Wendy, Yoshi

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