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  • Mario (from Super Mario Bros.) as Donald
  • Luigi (from Super Mario Bros.) as Douglas
  • Sunshine (from TUGS) as Trevor
  • Puffa (from TUGS) as Thomas
  • Wade (from Garfield & Friends) as Duck
  • Sonic (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Pearl & Petra (from Theodore Tugboat) as Annie and Clarabel
  • Donald & Douglas' Drivers as Themselves
  • Robots (from AOSTH) as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Michael Angelis as The Narrator


  • Michael Angelis: Mario and Luigi are brother plumbers. They're practical, peppery, and proud. They nearly always work together. One day, Mario and Luigi were chuffing through the countryside, hauling a heavy load. Down the line, Sunshine the Tug Switcher had been struggling with a big cartload of hay. Crossing the paths, the cart's wheels had broken off. Then Sunshine heard a whistle.
  • Sunshine: Oh no!
  • Michael Angelis: Sunshine cried. Mario could see the cart.
  • Mario: Stop!
  • Michael Angelis: He cried. Mario's animator told him to stop, but it was too late.
  • (CRASH!)
  • Michael Angelis: Luckily, no one was hurt.
  • Mario: Stop being pushy!
  • Michael Angelis: Mario snapped.
  • Luigi: Don't call me 'pushy'!
  • Michael Angelis: Luigi snapped back.
  • Mario: You shouldn't have pushed me into the cart!
  • Michael Angelis: Huffed Mario.
  • Luigi: You pulled me, you mean!
  • Michael Angelis: Argued Luigi.
  • Mario: Didn't!
  • Luigi: Did!
  • Mario: Did not!
  • Luigi: Did too!
  • Michael Angelis: Before long, the path was cleared, and Mario and Luigi were on their way. But the brothers were so cross, they refused to speak to each other for the rest of the day. The next day, Sonic the Hedgehog needed a character to help Wade on Orson’s Farm.
  • Woody: May I go, sir?
  • Michael Angelis: Said Mario, eagerly.
  • Sonic: I only need one character.
  • Michael Angelis: Said Sonic.
  • Sonic: Not two.
  • Mario: I am only one character, sir.
  • Michael Angelis: Said Mario.
  • Mario: And I would like to work with Wade.
  • Michael Angelis: Sonic was surprised, but agreed. Puffa was worried.
  • Puffa: Won't you miss one another?
  • Michael Angelis: He said.
  • Puffa: I know I'd miss Pearl and Petra.
  • Luigi: I'll work better on my own.
  • Michael Angelis: Sniffed Luigi.
  • Mario: I have work to do.
  • Michael Angelis: Huffed Mario. At first, Mario enjoyed working with Wade. Then, things started to go wrong.
  • Mario: Did you put those robots in the other room?
  • Michael Angelis: Mario asked.
  • Wade: You said you wanted them in the other room.
  • Michael Angelis: Wade replied.
  • Mario: Not that other room; the other other room.
  • Michael Angelis: Mario was cross.
  • Mario: Luigi would have known what I meant.
  • Michael Angelis: He huffed. Luigi was working on his own. He chuffed dutifully through the beautiful countryside. But Luigi had no one to share it with. Although he tried not to, he was beginning to miss his brother. That night, Luigi's driver took him to visit Mario.
  • Luigi: I was just passing.
  • Michael Angelis: Said Luigi.
  • Mario: Have you come to say you're sorry?
  • Michael Angelis: Mario sniffed. This made Luigi very cross.
  • Luigi: I've nothing to be sorry for!
  • Michael Angelis: He said, and steamed away in a huff. The next day, Mario was in a bad mood. Wade could see he was getting too close to the barriers.
  • Wade: Look out!
  • Michael Angelis: He shouted. But it was too late.
  • (CRASH!)
  • Michael Angelis: Mario's driver was very cross.
  • Mario's Animator: This wouldn't have happened if you were working with Luigi!
  • Michael Angelis: He said. Woody knew he was right, and Wade knew he couldn't pull Mario back onto the path. So he went for help. Luigi was sadly finishing his work as Wade steamed into the depot.
  • Wade: Mario’s in trouble!
  • Michael Angelis: Said Wade.
  • Luigi: Mario in trouble?
  • Michael Angelis: Luigi cried.
  • Luigi: I'm on my way!
  • Michael Angelis: And he steamed off as fast as he could. Luigi struggled and struggled. He finally pulled his friend gently back onto the path. He was relieved Mario wasn't hurt.
  • Mario: Thank you.
  • Michael Angelis: Mario said.
  • Mario: And I'm sorry.
  • Luigi: No, I'm sorry.
  • Michael Angelis: Said Luigi.
  • Mario: I'm sorry!
  • Michael Angelis: Insisted Mario.
  • Wade: You don’t have to have a row about who's sorry.
  • Michael Angelis: Chuckled Wade.
  • Wade: Just be glad you're back together.
  • Michael Angelis: And they were.

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