• Shifu From (Kung Fu Panda) as Woody
  • Hong Kong Phooey From Hong Kong) as Buzz Lightyear
  • Copper From (The Fox and The Hound) as Buster
  • Lindar From (Spyro The Dragon) as Hamm
  • Wally Gator From (Yogi's Gang) as Rex
  • Yuna From (Final Fantasy10) as Bo Peep
  • Sparx From (Spyro The Dragon) as Wheezy
  • Tramp From (Lady and The Tramp) as Slinky
  • Mike Wazowski From (Monsters Inc) as Mr Potato Head
  • Celia Mae From (Monsters Inc) as Mrs Potato Head
  • Garnet From (Final Fantasy 9) as Jessie
  • Timon From (The Lion King) as Sarge
  • Meerkats From (The Lion King) as Sarge's Solders
  • Marty From (Madagascar) as Bullseye
  • Kyle From (Pokemon Ranger and The Temple Of The Sea) as Geri The Cleaner
  • Bagheera From (The Jungle Book) as Stinky Pete The Prospector
  • Usagi From (Sailor Moon) as Tour Guide Barbie
  • Hallie Parker From (Annie) as Amy
  • Patch From (101 Dalmations) as Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear
  • Aku From (Samurai Jack) as Evil Emperor Zurg
  • Max From (Pokemon) as Young Andy
  • Wendy Darling From (Peter Pan) as Mrs Davis
  • Davy Jones and Blackbeard From (Pirates Of The Carribbean) as Al McWhiggin
  • Bulbasaur and Charmander and Squritle From (Pokemon) as Squeeze Toy Aliens
  • Jewel From (Rio) as Amy's Barbie Doll
  • Ariel (The Little Mermaid) as Emily


  • 1 Opening Credits/Phooey's Mission
  • 2 Shifu's Lost Hat/It's Copper
  • 3 Shifu's Arm Sleeve Gets Ripped
  • 4 Shifu Meet Sparx Kung Fu napped By Blackbeard
  • 5 Yo Ho Yo Ho A Pirate's Life For Me
  • 6 The Roundup Gang
  • 7 Shifu's Roundup
  • 8 Shifu Nearly Loses His Arm Sleeve
  • 9 Crossing The Road
  • 10 Arrival Of Kyle/At Blackbeard's Animal Barn
  • 11 Dog Switch/The Tropical Bird Exhibit
  • 12 Davy's Plot
  • 13 Garnet's Story (When She Loved Me)
  • 14 Into The Vents
  • 15 To The Rescue/Shifu Stays
  • 16 Battle With Aku
  • 17 Goodbye Davy Jones
  • 18 Shifu Vs Bagheera/Saving Garnet
  • 19 Welcome Home
  • 20 End Credits

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