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  • Shifu From (Kung Fu Panda) As Woody
  • Hong Kong Phooey From (Hong Kong Phooey)as Buzz Lightyear
  • Rapidash From (Pokemon) as Bullseye
  • Cindy Bear From (Yogi's Gang) as Jessie
  • Wally Gator From (Yogi's Gang) As Rex
  • Tramp From (Lady and The Tramp) as Slinky
  • Lindar From (Spyro The Dragon) as Hamm
  • Tidus (Final Fantasy X ) as Adult Andy
  • Wendy Darling From (Peter Pan) as Mrs Davis
  • Penny From (The Rescuers) as Molly Davis
  • Jane From (Return To Neverland) as Bonnie Anderson
  • Adult Tod From (The Fox In The Hound) as Mr Potato Head
  • Vixey From (The Fox In The Hound) as Mrs Potato Head
  • Pongo From (101 Dalmations) as Chatter Telephone
  • King Julien From (Madgascar) as Cymbal Banging Monkey
  • Timon From (The Lion King) as Sarge
  • Meerkats From (The Lion King) as Sarge's Solders
  • Shifu From (Kung Fu Panda) as Mr Pricklepants
  • Thunderbolt From (101 Dalmations) as Chuckles The Clown
  • Fawn From (Tinker Bell) as Dolly
  • Slate From (Pixie Hollow Online) as Ken Carson
  • Fern From (Tinker Bell) as Barbie
  • Marty The Zebra From (Madagscar) as Buttercup
  • Silvermist From (Tinker Bell as Trixie
  • Boo Boo Bear and (Young Simba Young Kovu From (Yogi's Gang The Lion King) as Peas In A Pod
  • Hopper From (A Bug's Life) as Twitch
  • Thumper From (A Bug's Life) as Sparx
  • Molt From (A Bug's Life) as Chunk
  • Vidia From (Tinker Bell) as Stretch
  • Myotismon From (Digimon) as Lotso Huggin Bear
  • Sailor Venus From (Sailor Moon Series) as Big Baby


  • 1 Western Playtime Opening Credits
  • 2 Andy Grown Up (Tidus)
  • 3 College Packing/Thrown Away
  • 4 Going To Sunnyside
  • 5 Sunnyside Welcome
  • 6 Shifu Leaves/Rough Play
  • 7 Playtime With Bonnie (Jane)
  • 8 Trying To Escape/Gambling Den
  • 9 Myotismon's Offer
  • 10 I See Andy (Jack Walker)/Locked Up
  • 11 Thunderbolt's Story Of Myotismon
  • 12 Come Fly With Me Cara Dillon Daybreak
  • 13 Doggie's Advice From A Dalmation
  • 14 Reunited/Prison Break
  • 15 Shifu's Closet/Prison Riot
  • 16 Spannish Hong Kong Phooey
  • 17 Caught/The Garbage Truck
  • 18 Dump/End Of The Line
  • 19 Safe and Sound/Back Home
  • 20 Goodbye Andy (Tidus)
  • 21 We Belong Together Hay Un Amigo En Mi End Credits Part 1
  • 22 End Credits Part 2

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