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TV News Broadcast parts VI and VII


Problem or opportunity

Some video consumers prefer locally relevant content.


In addition to the other fields entered by TVNB volunteers, TVNB clips can be tagged with geographic coordinates. Ideally, volunteers working in this aspect of TVNB would be equipped with PC's capable of both multimedia display and fairly comprehensive GIS databases. In the spirit of pubwan (which we hope is also the spirit of TVNB), an open content GIS database would be nice. Ideally, a TVNB volunteer terminal will be capable of queries by address, partial address, intersection, locality, geographic center (centroyd?) of named geocraphic entities and other geographic information. A fairly complete SQL implementation would really be nice.

See "fuzzy GIS" at

Internally, there should be a one-to-many relationship between video clips and coordinate sets. This is because the locality of some video clips can be multiple. For example, an advertisement for a store with multiple locations would be local content from the perspective of viewers near (or "better," at) any of those locations.

From the viewer's perspective, the effect of geocoding would be on the algorithm for sequencing video clips. I propose

TVNB in translation

Problem or opportunity


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