Barney VS. Eric Cartman is a TV/Mario parody video game created by SuperMalechi.


Eric Cartman, sitting in his home, sees a television commercial for Mini-Barney toys. The fat kid is instantly smitten with them, but when he goes out to get one, he finds all the stores are out. So he raids the toy factory and steals several dozens of them, forcing Barney to give chase. The game plays similarly to the Eric Cartman game, giving Barney the ability to perform handstands and backflips. There are several different environments, ranging from a lava environment to the classic construction site, and there are five different types; in the first, and most common, Barney has to pick up a key and take it to the locked door. At the second part of the level, Barney had to pick up a Toy Barney at the end of the level. The second type is where Barney must guide the Mini Barney toys to the Toy Box, and protecting them from dangerous environments. The third type is the boss level, where Barney must fight Cartman in order to proceed to the next world. The fourth type is the Master Boss, where Barney must throw barrels at Cartman. The Plus game, which is a repeat of the Main game, is unlocked. In this mode, the story continues from the main game, where Cartman obtains a new batch of Mini-Barneys, but with their containers broken because Cartman fell from the roof, into the truck. In each plus level, Barney must activate a Mini-Barney in the level, which is holding a key, and take it to the door. The fifth type of level is the Expert levels. In this mode, Barney must get the key and lead it to the door in a very hard level. Getting through the door beats the level in Plus and Expert modes, rather than sending Barney to a 2nd part.


  • Barney (from Barney & Friends) as Mario
  • Eric Cartman (from South Park) as Donkey Kong
  • Mini-Barney's as Mini Mario's

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