• Doraemon (from Doraemon) as Kirby
  • Naruto (from Naruto) as Knuckle Joe
  • Miki (from Mojacko) as Tiff
  • Shinnosuke (from Crayon Shin-chan) as Tokkori
  • Nobita (from Doraemon) as Keeby
  • Itachi (from Naruto) as Escargoon
  • Cosmo (from Sonic) as Princess Rona
  • James (from Pokemon) as Kine
  • Takeshi (from Doraemon) as Sword Knight
  • Nyan Nyan Army (from Cyborg Kuro-chan) as Waddle Dees
  • Jerry Atric (from Samurai Pizza Cats) as Waddle Doo
  • Bat Cat (from Samurai Pizza Cats) as Kine
  • Dr. White Wood (from Cyborg Kuro-chan) as Pon
  • Bad Cat (from Samurai Pizza Cats) as Con
  • Jaiko (from Doraemon) as Garlude
  • Shizuka (from Doraemon) as Commander Vee
  • Hiroshi Nohara (from Crayon Shin-chan) as Sir Erbum
  • Misae Nohara (from Crayon Shin-chan) as Lady Like
  • Penny (from Crayon Shin-chan) as Honey
  • Sakura (from Naruto) as Sirica
  • Sasake (from Naruto) as Meta Knight
  • Masao (from Crayon Shin-chan) as Lololo
  • Ai (from Crayon Shin-chan) as Lalala
  • Saruo (from Mojacko) as Tuff
  • Kuro (from Cyborg Kuro-chan) as Iroo
  • Mikun (from Cyborg Kuro-chan) as Spikehead
  • Boo (from Crayon Shin-chan) as Chef Kawasaki
  • Peach (From Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! (1986) as Queen Acorn
  • Haru-oji (from Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyushutsu Dai Sakusen! (1986) as Elline
  • Currypanman (from Anpanman) as Blade Knight
  • Francine (from Samurai Pizza Cats) as Adeleine

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