• Narrator: He fired the imangiation of millions around the world. Now, he's headed for the big screen, in his very first movie. Tails the Fox.
  • Tails: Who else you'll expected?
  • Narrator: Columbia Pictures proudly presents, your passport to TV Game - Tails and the Magic Videogame Road.
  • Ryu: All aboard!
  • Gremlin: Arf!
  • Hank Hill: Important day, Ryu?
  • Ryu: It is a very important day!
  • Devil Jin: Move away!
  • Narrator: But something has gone wrong.
  • Ken: Hello?
  • Ryu: Ken, you have to come here right away!
  • Narrator: The sparkle has left the land.
  • Ryu: I'm ran out of gold dust because of that I'm losing my energy as well!
  • Ken: Just hold on, cus!
  • Narrator: And it will take a hero with loads of energy.
  • Tails: Don't worry! I'm on my way!
  • Narrator: To bring the magic back.
  • Devil Jin, I'll get you, you little puffball! Ahhhhhh!
  • Narrator: This summer, you're invited to unwind.
  • Ken: This is look just like the fun fair!
  • Narrator: Take a load off.
  • Goomba 1: I don't think he meant to do that.
  • Goomba 2: No. Hah.
  • Narrator: And experince life on the fast path.
  • Ken: Yeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Devil Jin: Losing you sparkle, eh? Ha ha! What perfect timing!
  • Narrator: Alec Baldwin.
  • Ryu: I got to find more gold dust!
  • Narrator: Peter Fonda.
  • Grandpa Abe: This is your Shining Time, too.
  • Narrator: Mara Wilson.
  • Becky: You're a really useful fox, Tails.
  • Narrator: And Tails.
  • Ryu: Ahhhhhhhh!
  • Gremlin: (whimpers)
  • Ryu: Now that's what I call perfect landing.
  • Narrator: TV Game - Tails and the Magic Videogame Road. This time, share the wonder with your family.
  • Tails: I'll save the seat for you!
  • Coming Soon, May 2000.

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