TV Teddy is a Toy with VHS Videos From Tomy


  1. Miffy: My Learning Video
  2. The All New Adventures Of Ruper: Rupert's Undersea Adventure
  3. Superted and the Great Horrendo
  4. NSPCC Children's TV Favourites: Featuring Postman Pat, The Shoe People, Paddington Bear, Fireman Sam, James The Cat, Noddy, Wil Quack Quack, The Snowman, SuperTed and Spot
  5. The Berenstain Bears: Learn About Strangers
  6. It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
  7. Fun Song Factory
  8. Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles: Super Bebop
  9. Let's Dance Party Dancing
  10. Postman Pat's 123 Story
  11. My Little Pony: Sweet Stuff
  12. The Very Best of The Clangers
  13. Pre-School Favoureites: Featuring Spot, Wimpole Village, Bump and Wil Quack Quack
  14. The Telebugs in Danger
  15. Mr. Men ABC
  16. Roald Dahl: The Enormous Crocodile/The Magic Finger
  17. Tots TV: Wobbly Jellies And Other Stories
  18. Transformers: Megatron's Master Plan
  19. Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends: Percy and Harold
  20. The Herbs: The Birthday Party
  21. Orm And Cheep: Water, Water Everywhere
  22. Children's Favourites: Featuring Rainbow, Sooty and Button Moon
  23. Toddler's Treats: Featuring Babar, Parsley the Lion and Care Bears
  24. Little Women
  25. My Favourite Teddy Bear Video: Featuring Teddy Trucks, SuperTed, Paddington Bear, Care Bears and Rupert
  26. The Adventures of Huxley Pig
  27. Babar: The Show Must go on
  28. BBC Television Children's Favourites: Featuring Charlie Chalk, Noddy, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Pingu, Spider, Funnybones, Joshua Jones and The Tooth Fairies
  29. Sesame Street: 123 Count With Me
  30. Spot's Alphabet, Counting And Telling The Time
  31. Bump's Christmas Story
  32. The Super Mario Bros Super Show
  33. Paddington's Alphabet Treasure Hunt
  34. The Raggy Dolls
  35. Rainbow: Five stories
  36. Makaton Nursery Rhymes
  37. Sooty's Magic Show
  38. Wow! That's What I Call Nursery Rhymes
  39. Not Now Barnard and Other Stories
  40. Thomas the Tank Engine: Bumper Special
  41. Fireman Sam: The Hero Next Door
  42. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
  43. Chorlton and Jamie's Magic Box
  44. Mr Men and Little Miss: Six Original Stories
  45. My Little Pony: The Great Rainbow Caper
  46. Calling All Toddlers: Featuring Postman Pat, Sooty, Fun Song Factory, Kipper, Pingu, Barney, Thomas, Tots TV, William's Wish Wellingtons, Paddington Bear and Spot
  47. Tots TV: The Big Treasure Adventure
  48. A Bear Called Paddington
  49. You're in Love, Charlie Brown/It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown

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