Mario taught House how to diagnose.

contributed by Rodarama

Before this series of BB began, Mario risk-assessed Zezi. Unfortunately his report was accidentally shredded.

contributed by flippo

Postman Pat is actually the true story of Mario's life thus far.

contributed by lookingout

Mario sired Big Brother's Little Brother

contributed by nood

But he will never appear on it as he doesn't want to come across the big George Lamb.

contributed by flippo

Seaman Staines from Captain Pugwash was inspired by Mario †

† Yes, I know those rude names didn't really exist

contributed by Lilitu

Arrr, tis true as you sez, Lilitu me hearty – dat Master Bate were a blatant act o'piracy off o'Mario's contributions t'the panspermia hypothesis.

contributed by dalinian61

Mario once auditioned for Dr Who, but turned it down because he didnt feel that time and space was big enough for him just yet. He then decided to appear as a pointless scrotum on The Ant and Dec show.

contributed by PC_Steve

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