TaHigh is the largest city in Jaffeland.


TaHigh was founded in 1772 by Michael Jefferson. It was the proposed capital of Jaffeland for quite some time, but due to a booming Pillsville, it lost its bid. However, after a period of rapid growth, TaHigh overtook Pillsville for the title of largest city in Jaffeland, which it has held ever since.


TaHigh is the largest city in Jaffeland and has been since around 30 years after the independence of Jaffeland. It passed Pillsville, which briefly had the status of largest city, to regain the honour that it lost a few months before Jaffeland chose its capital.

TaHigh's population as of 2000 was approximately 4,300,000.


TaHigh has a standard mayor, and city council. The Current Mayor is Alex Allantown(R). The Vice Mayor is Jackson Middle (R). The City Council has 49 Members, and there is currently a Democratic Majority, (29 of 49).

Sports in TaHigh

TaHigh has a rich sports history, which includes High Prestige teams in Soccer, Hockey, and Baseball. And having a decent team in Basketball. TaHigh Soccer team is TaHigh F.C. Their baseball team is the TaHigh Warriors, (A.K.A. the The Michael Vicks) Their Hockey and Basketball teams play in the same arena, and there teams are the TaHigh Nets (basketball), and the TaHigh Monsters.

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