Tablets of history can be found in hidden chests, which become visible after the (?) is obtained by winning the quiz of the scholar in (?).

Their purpose is to unlock the divinations of the fortune teller in The Captial of Egypt (to the lower left of the signpost in the town center. The door can be opened after obtaining the lockpick from (?)).

Their locations are:

(1) chest in house above blonde girl in main square, capital of egypt.
(2) chest south of camel toe tavern.
(3) chest in ante-room before ballroom in royal palace.
(4) chest in NE corner of large area north-north of capital city exit (signpost area).
(5) chest SE corner of rope bridge area, right after cave portal in greece.
(6) chest on second floor of barracks in greece (village of athrosa)
(7) chest in SE corner of large grassy area one screen west of the exit from the cave found north of athrosa village.
(8) chest in first room inside the ruins where you fight sir edward
(9) chest in cave that leads to mount falcon. near exit.
(10) chest inside first house at mount falcon. first room in the basement.
(11) chest in second area of ruins of the past. above ruins with the second basement (where you fight sir edward 4th time).
(12) chest west of the small storage room outside the gatehouse to the tower of hades.
(13) chest on west side of building, after rope bridge, top of tower of hades.
(14) chest in the SE corner of an area in osira's lair. south of the exit (where you find the smart, peaceful goblin).
(15) chest in pharoah's tomb.
(16) chest in store on festival island.
(17) chest on arena balcony (west side), festival island.
(18) chest in fortune teller's home, main square, capital of egypt.
(19) chest at the bottom of hell dune, in lava cavern.
(20) chest outside the bandit fortress.
(21) chest in wintero in the area furthest southwest, below a raised area with a cave.
(22) chest in wintero. southeast of the legendary krona and down some narrow stairs.
(23) chest in ice caves beneath the cabin and cemetery in wintero, second area.
(24) chest in the lower level of the castle on monster cove.
(25) chest on dead rock. leave ship and follow path all the way around back to the SW.

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