• Posters
  • Song

  • Freebies
  • School Presentations
  • Separate brochures for parents and students
   - Parents brochures (mostly informational packet about benefits and goal of program)
        - Info for local after school programs
        - Info about children fitness tax credits
        - Stats about risks of inactivity, heath concerns, etc
   - Kids (colourful, fun, simple to read; did anyone get those "OWL" magazines as a kid? They 
           could be that style...)
        - Interesting facts, quizzes, games, crosswords, word searches, etc. regarding nutrition, 
               health, sports, etc.
        - Easy 'kids-can' recipes for after school snacks.

Brochures students - visual parents - infomation teacher - recourse

  • Monthly newsletters (follow-up, to initial brochure - for parents with leaflet for kids)
   - current events
   - info on successes of program
   - healthy recipe ideas
   - upcoming camps, registration dates, etc.
  • Questionnaire asking what parents would like to see happen, or one at 'end of year' asking what they thought of program.

-Celebrity endorsement! we could get someone like a retired Canuck (Kirk Mclean) to endorse it.

-under the category of freebies, something like frisbees with our slogan on them? not only is it a freebie, but it promotes physical activity in 2 ways ;)

-Lunch plan? maybe have like a website or document with suggested foods that are easy to take to school as well as delicious.

-interactive game, not computer game though. like a board game.

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