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Trivia in The Leap Frog Movie

  • Tad Lived Together with Lily.
  • He Met all of Visitors.
  • He Saved Lily from the Storm and the Strong Wind Blew him away into the Woods.
  • Tad got Lost in the Woods were all the Animals Lived There.
  • He saw Leap in the other side of the Forest.
  • He's been lead home by his own brother.
  • Tad met Goather the Gopher himself with the Map.
  • He sees Clouds Roaing like Thunder.
  • He Paybacked the Mysterious Villain Caper.
  • Tad Finally got back home.

Trivia in The Letter Factory

  • He went to the Letter Factory.
  • He met Professor Quigley.
  • He sees Letters and their Sounds.
  • He Proposed the Alphabet just from A to Z.

Trivia in Learn to Read at the Storybook Factory

  • He Arrived at the Storybook Factory.
  • He met all of his Friends.
  • He helped Quigley make a Story.
  • He Finally done it.

Trivia in The Talking Words Factory

  • He Dosen't know what all the Words come from.
  • He went to the Talking Words Factory.
  • He sees the Word Bamer 100 and the Word Wamer 3000.
  • He did it Again.

Trivia in Word Caper

  • He Arrived at the Complex Words Factory.
  • He made all Three Words to get Mr. Websley's Voice Back.
  • He Caped all Three Talking Words Together.
  • He done it in Three Times.

Trivia in The Number Factory

  • Tad Whistled a Tune while he's thinking about Numbers.
  • He went to the Number Factory.
  • He met Quigley's Firefly Friend Edison.
  • He made all Ten Hidden Numbers Complete.

Trivia in Math Circus

  • He was having fun at the Math Factory.
  • He met Ludwig Von Drake outside of Math Circus.
  • He's doing something in Math Circus.
  • He made it Finally.

Trivia in A Tad of Christmas Cheer

  • Tad writting his Diary for the first time in the Beginning.
  • He Loses all Hope.
  • He met Professor Quigley outside of the Toy Factory.
  • Tad Wrote his Diary for the second time.
  • He met Edison in the Darkness.
  • He sent out on his Journey to find the Enchanted Forest.
  • Tad wrote his Diary for the third time.
  • He knew about Christmas.
  • He reached to the Enchanted Forest.
  • Tad Forgotten to get back to set Things Right.
  • He Paybacked the Tretress Villain Caper.
  • He Finally got back home.
  • Tad writtng his Diary for one last time before the Happy Ending.

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