Name: Taelon Sarvetco
Nicknames: The Mad Assassin, Shadow King, Masked Killer
Race: Human
Birthplace: Almania
Gender: Male
Age: 26 at the time of KotOR
Affiliation: Sith, though he will gladly kill other Sith if his Master commands it.
Side of the Force: Dark Side Mastery, he is an evil, perverted and sadistic killer without pity or compassion
Occupation: Assassin, Inquisitor, Spy

Physical Description

Taelon is six feet tall, with black hair, blue eyes and a well built frame. Now however, he is a ruined mess. Though he covers himself with cloak, mask and gloves, it is well known that his body is a nightmarish ruin. When the interrogators got to work on him, they fully expected Taelon to die, but he didn’t, he kept alive until he was rescued by Sith forces. What is left is a scared, mangled face and body covered in burns, welts and cuts. Despite the efforts he takes to conceal himself, Taelon revels in his shattered body, though he keeps the mask for psychological reasons.

Taelon is exceptionally strong for his size and build, and tough as well. He is able to keep going far beyond human endurance, but cannot go on forever. He is tough, but by no means un-killable.

Taelon’s voice can only be described as wet and raspy. When he speaks, it seems to almost personify his dark aura.

Although he is strong, Taelon prefers to use his speed and agility to avoid attacks and deliver blows.

Psychological Description

Taelon is, quite simply, insane. There is no other way to put it, for this twisted man has killed and tortured untold scores of men and women, aliens and humans in his call of duty. There is something utterly inhuman about the way he views the galaxy. Those who are not his allies, and his only ally is his Master, are targets for his knife blade. He thinks nothing of killing civilians, torturing animals or even hurting himself. For Taelon, the galaxy is too sterile, too simple. Only by making it awash in pain and misery will he feel that he is fulfilled. Taelon is not a leader though, except of others who do not mind his bloody antics, he is a loner, and fulfils his duty to his Master no matter the cost for himself or the world around him.

This evil, and terrible view has come about because of two singular reasons; his capture by the Republic, and his tuition by Darth Shadow. Darth Shadow, the Ancient Sith Lord of more years than any living sentient creature, took the child when he was eighteen and released from the Republic cells and moulded him to be his creature. In the eight years that he was Shadow’s student, he learnt how to utterly disregard emotions such as compassion, love and self preservation. Now, he literally lives to kill and destroy. In those eight years, Lord Shadow instilled the message that he could never betray his Master, that the Master owned him and that they could what they wished to him and he must take it. Therefore, Taelon obeys only two people, Shadow, and his current Master. Any minions or supposed allies are safe only as long as the Master tells him not to harm them. If they do not…the consequences are too terrible to behold.

Despite all his skills, Shadow would never have succeeded in making this monster, were it not for his capture by the Republic. There are dark rumours in the Sith that Shadow, sensing Taelon’s force ability arranged the capture and interrogation using his own people. This has never been confirmed…but Sith would not put it past Shadow. Whatever the cause, Taelon is said to have gone mad under the ceaseless interrogation, until he was rescued by Sith troops who captured the Republic citadel. Ruined and broken, he was taken into the care of Shadow, who instructed him to be his servant and ceaseless killer.

As a result of this, and Shadow’s teachings, Taelon hates the Jedi, hates the Republic and hates non-humans. He hates them with a terrifying fury and will attack a target that is any one of those things until they are bloody piles of meat on the ground.

Almost inevitably, his lust for death and pain has put him at odds with other Sith. In a well known incident, he betrayed and murdered a dozen Sith troops during the Aquaris campaign, simply because the sun reflected off their armour too much. Only his Master, and those told protected by the Master’s words are safe from his psychotic fury.

Taelon is, without doubt, a sadist, but he is also masochistic, torturing himself, and disfiguring his looks even further. And what is worse, he enjoys it. Pain cannot stop Taelon, an opponent could beat him for an hour, and he would not be stopped. This makes him a dangerous and nigh unstoppable opponent.

Taelon is good at interrogating prisoners, and his methods are so well known that prisoners will beg to tell their knowledge before he is allowed to lavish attention upon their flesh. This has made him a worthwhile asset for turning Jedi, and exposing spies. Though, he is only used on those who actually are spies, as after a while under his care, the prisoners will say anything to stop him hurting them.

For all this, Taelon is definitely not emotionless or silent. He is possessed of a sick and twisted sense of humour which he loves to display as he torments and hurts his victims. Taelon also enjoys occasionally raping victims, if only to cause them anguish. This sexual repression is perhaps another reason why he is so deranged.

Taelon is an intelligent, devious individual whose lack of conscience allows him to plan his kills with great skill.

Favoured Force Powers

None, Taelon has some Force sensitivity, but does not use the Force. Instead, he feels the emotions, especially the pain of his victims and it produces an almost sexual stimulus for him. He gets pleasure by causing pain and suffering, it is the only thing he enjoys.

Favoured Weapon and Attire

Taelon wears a long black robe such as a Dark Jedi would wear, but he is not one. Under than, he wears heavy plated armour that can resist almost any attacks apart from the best vibroblades or lightsabres. He wears no armour over his back or limbs, relying on his natural agility to protect him against most attacks.

Over his face, Taelon wears a simple black iron mask, and a hood which protects him from view. Taelon uses a wide variety of melee weapons, though he uses no ranged weapons. His favourites include; a power mace for beating his opponents down, a long double bladed power glaive and a heavy pair of vibro axes. He also always carries a pair of long, super sharp knives which he often finds handy for battlefield interrogations and assassination.


Aside from improving his techniques on himself or others, he has no past times.


Taelon Sarvetco was born on the outer rim world of Almania, just within the Sith Empire. The world was one of deep segregation based on species. For once however, it was not humans repressing aliens, but the other way around. Human settlers were forced to live in small walled communities, totally under the control of their alien overseers. Born into this, was Taelon, son of a poor peasant farmer family, whose farm was owned by the alien creatures. These aliens, the Je'Har were total masters of the government, trade and communication. Although theoretically in the Empire, the Sith cared not for the plight of its citizens, and as long as the money flowed in, they were content. However, five years after the birth of young Taelon, a new leader came to control the planet. What happened was an even more brutal repression of the human inhabitants, a cutting of communication to the Empire and the killing of the protesting Ambassador. The Je'Har ruler believed, perhaps with good reason, that the Sith would be too busy to bother with a small planet far from civilisation. However, a young and ambitious Sith named Kaléth used this rebellion to flex her might and show her strength. Her fleet assailed the planet and bombed the alien cities into submission. Leaving a garrison, she drove the aliens underground. When the Sith ships appeared in orbit, the farmers rose in rebellion and took revenge on the alien dominators. Among those killed in the battle were Taelon’s parents, leaving the boy alone in the galaxy.

When the Sith were preparing to leave, they drafted citizens who wished to be recruited into their forces. The five year old was a perfect future investment, for he was young enough to be indoctrinated, and he had no hang-ups. The Force Sensitive Kaléth also sensed some minor ability in the boy. It was not enough to be trained, but enough to give him a small edge. So, young Taelon was taken from his world, never to return. In the Empire, the boy was taken in and taught in an Imperial college, attached to Kaléth’s base on Thule. The Sith base was Taelon’s home for six more years, where he became a strong, fit and bright teenager, strongly committed to the Sith ideals.

When the boy was twelve, he was taken to Ziost to be paraded in case he was worth a Sith Lord taking on as an apprentice. He was not, and after the Dark Lord, and seven of the Sith Lords had overlooked him, he was left with the rejected failures, uncertain of his future. As he had given up hope, one final figure entered the room. The black clad form of Shadow entered the room and stopped by Taelon. The others had rejected taking him as an apprentice because he did not have the required connection to the Force. Shadow however, saw deeper. He saw that Taelon has a connection to the Force through the emotions of those around him. He could feel the emotions and even limited thoughts of people near him. In fact, this would have made a perfect Jedi. Shadow decided to twist this to his own ends, so took the boy to his secret base over the dying halo world of Ar’Xua. There, for four years, Shadow and his faction trained Taelon and others to be assassins, spies and interrogators. However, despite his loyalty to the Sith, Taelon’s conscience stopped him from hurting or killing others. It frustrated all his teachers, save Shadow, who knew the boy needed just the emotional push.

Released as an agent in the years just before the Mandalorian War, Taelon became a good agent, negotiator and aide. Shadow decided it was not enough, the boy could be left to be a dull civil servant, or he could be so much more. Shadow weighed up the risks…what was one life in an Empire of billions? He sent Taelon on his first mission, a spy mission that went horribly wrong. Whether it was Republic, or Sith dressed as Republic troops, it does not truly matter, Taelon was captured. For the next month, he was tortured brutally, before a Sith strike force rescued him just as the Mandalorian Wars had began elsewhere. Shadow personally took charge of the boy and healed his wounds and set to work on turning him into a hateful, bitter killer. Shadow, not above lying through his teeth, enhanced the injuries, and told lies to the crippled Taelon that the Republic was the evil ones. The Jedi had ordered him killed, that they had organised for his parents to be killed, and so on. After four years, Taelon had forgotten who he was, and become a heartless avenger. Shadow was pleased, his work had paid off, and no one else knew Taelon existed.

After Shadow went into exile after the take over of Revan and Malak, the Ancient Sith Lord let Taelon loose on the galaxy. Working for one Sith Lord after another, Taelon murdered and killed and earned undying hatred from the Republic and even the Jedi for his terrible work. Each and every Sith Lord met with mysterious accidents, but Revan was pleased by this assassin, and used him to hunt down Jedi who he knew would not turn to the Dark Side. For four years, Taelon continued he rampage across the galaxy, killing who he was asked to, and being further disfigured by enemy and friend alike. Taelon’s greatest word was the slaying of all one hundred of the Alderaan Senator’s guard and crew when it was in hyperspace. One by one, in twos and threes, the crew were picked off. Finally, the survivors barricaded themselves in the bridge…only to find the ship pulled out of hyperspace and into the grip of a nova’s gravity…. Taelon escaped, pleased at his work…so pleased he slew his Master’s entire staff and left the Sith Lord tied to a thermite bomb. After all…he wasn’t hurting the man….

After the Battle of the Star Forge, Taelon returned briefly to meet with his Master, Shadow. What was said there is unknown, but what is known is that when Shadow left the Empire, Taelon went to find a new Master, a new owner who could unleash his bloodlust upon the Republic, the Jedi, aliens or other Sith…..

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