Taiiden Republic

The Taiiden Republic is a massive exploratory nation in the far east of Aarklash



Nation Name

The Republic of Taiiden


Lakshama Islands


Aegyl, Humans, and Dwarves

Government Arrangement

  • High Council-Three seats each are held by one of the three races in the Taiiden Republic (Aegyl, Humans, and Dwarves) They decide who, what, when, where, and how to go to war, and what laws are put into effect. This position is held for two 5 Year Terms. Closed Doors
  • House of Representation- Each race gets 100 representatives which meet in the capital to decide on which laws and issues reach the High Council. Closed Doors
  • House of Commons-Elected Representatives from each province of the Republic meet in the capital for 6 months to listen to the problems, worries, and issues of the populace from each province and write up decisions and laws based on popular vote. Open Doors

Economic Strength

Strong with a Free Market System

Military Arrangement

There are 3 Branches of the Military which are controlled by the High Council, they are the Army, Navy, and Marines. The Army is tasked with defending the homeland from Foreign Invaders. The Navy is tasked with controlling and protecting Taiiden and World Sea Lanes, also tasked with delivering Marines to their destinations. The Marines are the attacking body of the Taiiden Military and project Taiiden power across the land.

Government/Military Officials

  • James Ackerton
    • Human High Councilman
  • Jen
    • Aegyl High Councilwoman
  • Drathnor Ironhammer
    • Dwarven High Councilman
  • High Admiral Brom
    • Aegyl leader of the Taiiden Navy
  • General Alexi Vrandervosh
    • Human leader of the Marines
  • General Jorth Sledgehammer
    • Dwarven Leader of the Army

Military Strength

  • Army-340,000
  • Navy-35,000
  • Marines-25,000

Magic Level

Naval Aegyl Commander have been known to use BattleMages of both Human and Aegyl descent to torch Pirate Ships with Magical Fire.


Recorded Taiiden history is divided into four distinct eras, the First Era, the Second Era, the Third Era, and the Fourth Era:

  • First Era- The long First Era is mostly marked by the shifting of power from Elves to Men and the birth of some of the most powerful religions in the land. From the heartland of Taiiden, we learn of the struggling human race: from their miserable fate as slaves to finally being able to push out their Altmeri masters from the land with the help of the Aegyl who were also slaves.
  • Second Era- The Second Era starts after the Akaviri Potentate assassinates the last of the Taiiden line. This is also the era when some of the most powerful factions in Taiiden are born, the Mages' Guild and the Dark Brotherhood being two from among the greatest to arise during this time period. The era finally ends after Kiith Stormshaw, a Dwarf wielding a Dwemer artifact called Numidium, successfully unites the entire Taiiden landmass once again.
  • Third Era- The Third Era, which some describe as the most glorious era thus far, is the time of the Dwarven Dynasty. In fact, the long line of Dwarven Emperors almost reaches an end at several points in the history of this period. Some of the significant events are the War of the Red Diamond, a civil war over the succession, and a long decade of reign by the traitorous Jagar Tharn. Furthermore, this era is marked by the rebirth of Nerevar Indoril, the greatest Chimeri general; as well as the rebirth of Numidium and the second Dragon Break that follows. This age ends with the Empire Dissolves and the Modern Day Taiiden Republic forms. That happens at the end of the rule of Jagar Tharn.
  • Fourth Era- In the final days of the Third Era, the emperor, Jagar Tharn is assassinated along with all his heirs. In the Final Fight to save their illegitimate Emperor's Life, his personal body guards (Humans paid for their services) were all killed by the Aegyl, Human, and Dwarven mob. This marked the end of the Third Era and ushered in the Taiiden Republic and the modern day.

There are two other Eras previous to the aforementioned four. They are the 'Dawn Era' in which the universe and everything in it came into being, and the 'Merethic Era', otherwise known as the Mythic Era, in which Mer (Elves) first arrived in Taiiden and all manner of mythological occurrences are said to have taken place. These two Eras are commonly considered to be outside of verifiable history, as humanity or anyone else did not possess a written language to speak of until the end of the Mythic Era. Taiiden records, on the other hand, date back to the beginning of ME, however these are not open to Taiiden scholars.

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