TailsRockz's Movies-Spoof of 'Chicken Little'


  • Miles Tails Prower (from Sonic X) as Chicken Little
  • Serena/Sailor Moon (from Sailor Moon) as Abby the Duck
  • Dumbo (from Dumbo) as Fish out of Water
  • Simba (from The Lion King) as Runt the Pig
  • Young Blu (RIO) as Kirby
  • Raye/Sailor Mars (from Sailor Moon) as Foxy Loxy
  • Sharptooth,(The Land Before Time),Mammothmon (from Digimon),Lord Shen (from Kung Fu Panda 2),Mauro (from RIO),Cranky (Where's My Water) and Scar (The Lion King) as Rei's Army
  • Ursula (from The Little Mermaid) as Goosey Loosey
  • Sonic and Amy/Sailor Mercury (from Sonic X and Sailor Moon) as Kirby's Parnets
  • Tai Lung And Lord Shen (Kung Fu Panda 1&2) as Two Robotic Aliens
  • Genie (from Aladdin) as Bucky Clucky
  • Phil (from Hercules) as Turkey

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