Version 1(DO NOT EDIT!!!)

  • Tails as Tails
  • Yoshi as Cream(I know Yoshi is Male)
  • Kirby as Cheese
  • Amy as Amy
  • Birdo as Charmy(I know Birdo is Female)
  • Ryan as Himself
  • Vanilla as Herself
  • Gary as Himself
  • Sonic as Sonic(Both are brother figures to Amy and Amy)
  • Shadow as Classic Sonic
  • Wario as Classic Tails
  • and more

​Version 2(DO NOT DELETE!!!)

Same as Version 1 except:

  • Birdo as Cream
  • Yoshi as Charmy

Version 3(DO NOT ADD!!!)

  • Yoshi as Tails
  • Jigglypuff as Cream
  • Baby Bob as Cheese
  • Tails as Ryan
  • Amy as Vanilla
  • Birdo as Amy
  • Kirby as Charmy
  • Mario as Sonic
  • Sonic as Gary
  • Wario as Classic Sonic
  • Meta knight as Classic Tails

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