Tails as Tails

Cream as Amy

Ryan as Sonic

Charmy as Kirby

Gary as Mickey Mouse

Amy as Minnie Mouse

Cheese as Pete

Chaocola as Rpete

Sonic as Pluto

Classic Sonic  as Classic Sonic

Pablo(From the Backyardigans) as Tweety(They Both have Small Beaks)(Tails Cannot be Tweety. Tails and Tails are the Main Characters)

Tyrone(From the Backyardigans) as Bugs Bunny

Vanilla as Lola Bunny

Penny(From the amazing world of Gumball) as Penny(They Both have the same name)

Donald Duck(From Mickey Mouse) as Pablo

Princess Peach(From Mario) as Uniqua

Mario(From Mario) as Tyrone

Classic Tails as Classic Tails

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