Some characters will play different genders

  • Tails as Gumball
  • Cream as Darwin(They have different genders) (They both are adoptive sivlings to Tails and Gumball)
  • Baby Babs(From Tiny Toon Adventures) as Anais
  • Amy Rose as Penny
  • Charmy as Masami(They have different genders)
  • Ryan as Richard
  • Vanilla as Nicole
  • Classic Sonic as Leslie/Lovestruck Gumball(They both are happy)
  • Classic Tails as Lovestruck Darwin
  • Daffy Duck(From Looney Tunes) as Mr. Robinson
  • Tina Duck(From Looney Tunes) as Mrs. Robinson
  • Plucky Duck(From Tiny Toon Adventures) as Rocky Robinson
  • Gary as Larry
  • Sonic as Purple Moose
  • Sally as Karen
  • Miss Simian as Herself
  • Tina Rex as Herself

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Female Tails and Cream Characters/The Amazing World of Gumball

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